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Monday, October 17, 2011

So sad...

I've never watched her show, but I've heard about it.

This is just so sad.

Makes My Monday - Marathon Edition

Thanks to Cheryl for hosting...or is it hostessing?

1.  Baltimore Running Festival...25,000 runners this year!
2.  Husband finishing...he rocked it at 1:45:28. 
3.  Showing off his medal.
4.  Crazy Love.

1.  New hats were on board for the cool breezes and Hailey still ended up with a cold.  Can you tell I indulged my new owl obsession with Hailey's hat?
2.  Matt was very serious about seeing Daddy finish, but he had no idea where the finish line was.  He was a very good listener though considering he had been released from the stroller.
3.  Husband and his Running Girlfriends.  All three of them amaze me for being so dedicated, taking care of their kids, and working...seriously amazing.
4.  Husband and his Groupies...we love him!  Shocker...Matt wouldn't look at the camera!

What's making YOUR Monday?  

Come on...there's gotta be something!  

If nothing else, it's not raining on the East Coast for a change, right?