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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

When the Cat's Away...

So, as many of you know, I tutor outside of the home two nights a week.

During this time, the Crazies are cared for by Babysitter and then Husband.

I never get to talk to Babysitter after her time with the Crazies, so I must assume that everything goes just fine and that there are no complaints (isn't it nice to assume?).

I do get to talk to Husband though...I can't assume as much with him.

One night, I came home and there were Halloween stickers

On the walls.

On the furniture.

On the floors.


I asked him what had happened and he says, "Go look at the camera."

This strikes me as odd b/c a.)  Husband loves to talk, so him giving the job of telling a story over to the camera is unusual, and b.) Husband rarely takes pictures.

Here is what I found:

Apparently, they had found the envelopes of stickers I left for them.  GG sent an awesome Halloween package with two packets of stickers...two different packets of stickers.  Of course, as it goes with twins, they both wanted the same one.  So, when they went down for naps, I cut both sheets of stickers apart and put them into envelopes.

What ensued after Husband gave them the envelopes was that they not only stuck stickers all over themselves, but then chased each other around the house to put stickers on each other.  Husband reported that all of this was great fun and that he was able to finish the dinner dishes, so everyone wins!

I love the fact that Hailey literally has Wicked written across her forehead.  Some of you are under the impression that she's some sort of angel, but that's just not true (hate to burst your bubble).  She is kind of Wicked sometimes.  I also love the fact that Matt plastered Trick or Treat across his need for him to actually come out and say it, you can read it for yourself if you so choose.

Oh, and could you tell it was Yellow Day at school that day?  

Oh, and yes, that is the same shirt that Hailey wore on her first day of preschool LAST YEAR!  The girl really needs to pork up a little bit...

They're really getting excited for Halloween and even though I won't be able to be at our neighborhood Halloween parade (seriously...they're having it the weekend before Halloween...not the weekend of Halloween...dur), I'm sure they'll have lots of fun!