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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday Things

10 Things I Hate:
  1. The fact that my Nana has breast cancer and that they had to postpone her radical masectomy (two really scary words, huh?) at the last minute because of a cardio issue that is worrying me more than the breast cancer at this moment.
  2. getting to my destination, but all the hoopla leading up kind of zaps me.
  3. Creaky doors.
  4. Loud garbage trucks at the ass crack of dawn.
  5. The fact that the Crazies have been waking us up a good deal at night.
  6. Having to explain (very early in the can't-even-form-a-sentence early) to Husband that they're STILL adjusting and that we need to be patient.
  7. Rain.
  8. Crazies waking up when the clock still says 6 in the hour column (the owls are working well for naps, but we're still having early risers in the morning).
  9. How dirty my car is (and Husband's face every time he gets into it...he's disgusted).
  10. GG was away last week and this week and I can't talk to her whenever I want.

10 Things I Don't Give a Shit About:
  1. Conquer Wall Street.
  2. The fact that it took me until this morning to realize that the Thomas tent is back in play in our living the hell did I miss it last night after tutoring?  I sat here for an hour before going to bed...WTH?
  3. Cleaning for the cleaners...after all, they're going to make things better than I ever could around here.  The least I could do is straighten up a bit.
  4. The fact that Dog is running out of food.  Isn't there a delivery service for that?
  5. The fact that we sent my Nana flowers b/c her surgery was supposed to be yesterday, but I totally forgot to cancel them now that it's been postponed.  She deserves flowers right now...we'll let it be.
  6. Hailey needing all of her pals tucked's cute.
  7. Matt using phrases like "you're da bomb!"  It's cute.
  8. The Kids' Zone ladies saying that the Crazies' personalities are "really starting to come out."  If I have to deal with it, so will you, ladies.
  9. Forgetting to use the $10 coupon that Husband sent me from Kohl's.  Trust me, I'll be back.
  10. The fact that Matt is getting up at 6:24 every long as I give him something quiet to do, he's been pretty good about not waking Hailey, so whatever.

10 Things I Love:
  1. My new pedicure color.  Seriously, I love it.
  2. The pictures from the Crazies' first field trip this week (oh, I didn't put them up here?  I'll get right on that).
  3. Husband...he's pretty awesome.
  4. Baths...and any LUSH product (except for anything with patchouli in it...gross).
  5. Walking into a clean house and hearing the Crazies promise that they won't mess it up...and then ask permission to sit on the couch.  BTW, why does it always rain on my house cleaning days?  It happens once a month and it's always tainted by rain!
  6. Using "taint" in a sentence in a non-perverted way.
  7. Real Simple magazine.
  8. My new magazine "reading" system.  I flip through my magazines really quickly ripping out the articles that I want to read in more detail.  Then, whenever I need to do my "business," I grab one and read it.  Now, I don't have a stack of magazines sitting around making me guilty and I'm still reading the articles that I want.  Win-win.
  9. Tutoring...yes, it takes me out of the house two nights a week, but you can't beat the money and I'm still helping kids...the main reason I became a teacher.
  10. Going to Boston this week to see my sister...can't wait to rub her little Buddha belly!

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