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Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Thanks to Danifred for hosting!

  • I'm off to Boston to see my sister this weekend.
    How many times do you think I'll rub her little Buddha belly? She's sick...being sick and pregnant sucks, right?  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
    Crazies slept all night last night...that was clutch.
    Husband is a rock star for taking the Crazies this weekend.  They have a birthday party and a Halloween Parade.  He's awesome.
    Any day of my life, I'd rather have things to do with these two over nothing to do.  He got lucky that there are some really fun things this weekend.
    That's all.
    This was the quickest post ever.
    Since I'll be en route, can someone link this post to Danifred's when she posts?
    Ya know...because everyone desperately wants to read this literary masterpiece, right?
    On second thought, don't link...this is horrible.
    Can't believe I'm pressing "publish."
    Here I go...