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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday

Organization is in the house, y'all!!
We just had two of these delivered and I am PSYCHED.
You know why?
Because now instead of seeing all of those damn toys throughout my living room, I can just stash them in here.
Bye-bye eight million trucks.
Bye-bye Rapunzel's hair extension (gross).
That's right...totally psyched.
These are also something we'll be able to use in this house (and future homes) in lots of different ways.
We also got a coupon in our email after letting the order languish in our shopping cart for a few days...Holla!
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Candles, right?  No biggie...except when I mention that they're flameless and have ZERO percent of burning my house down.
I may have an issue with burning candles for an ridiculous amount of time, in totally inappropriate locations, or overnight...
So, when I happened upon candles that were remarkably similar to the ones above, I jumped on them.
Yes, I kind of felt like an 80-year old buying flameless candles.
Then I got them home and tried them out.
They flicker.
They have a 4-hour or 8-hour setting.
They come on every day to bring ambiance into my crazy home.
I'm in love.
Oh, and they were totally cheaper than these...6 candles for $20.
These may be my go-to gift.
Did I also mention that they smell like vanilla?
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How many times can the Crazies catch me eating "medicine" out of the Halloween candy bowl before they call my bluff?
I keep telling them I'm taking my vitamins.
They're not this dumb, you guys.
I'm pretty sure they're catching on, but I just.can't.stop.
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I am so in love with this color.
I may have a problem. love.
And I'm not goth at all.
I just love this color.
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Ever played "Hide the Pickle?"
Sounds pervy, right?
Well, apparently it's not.
You hide the pickle ornament deep in the Christmas tree and the first person to find it get an extra present from St. Nick.
If that person happens to be an adult, they are to have good luck all year.
I'm kind of in love with this pickle.
Yes, I just wrote that.
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So, I originally wanted this (you have to click b/c PB won't let me save their images...snobs).
Husband is making me settle for these.
They're still pretty damn cute, huh?
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That's all...yes, I'm kind of already getting into Christmas.  It's just so much prettier than Thanksgiving.  What can I say?  I'm a twinkling lights and bright decorations kind of girl!

What are you loving today?