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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PYHO - Go Make Yourself Pretty

Thanks for hosting, Shell!

Mondays are a good day for us.

No tutoring.

No activities in the afternoon.

The Crazies have preschool and while they're there, I complete one of the most difficult workout classes known to mankind (or that's what I tell myself).

I run an errand or two in my sweaty state and then go pick them up.

I sometimes can shower before lunch and sometimes I can't (a.k.a. they won't sit still for a movie long enough for me to escape without worrying that someone will end up with a concussion).

It doesn't really matter though because of the lack of afternoon/evening activities.

So, yesterday, I decide that I'll shower right before naps, but I'll forgo drying my hair (on a typical day, my hair is straight thanks to several heating elements...if I don't jump through those hoops, my hair is quite curly).

Of course, I'll still apply makeup...I'm not completely uncivilized.

The Crazies had their nap/quiet time (I have no idea what goes on up there).

They actually slept quite late.

I opened their doors.

I started dinner downstairs...making no attempt to be quiet.  After all, they can't sleep all night, right?

Hailey starts calling me, so I run upstairs.

She takes one look at me and says, "Mommy, go back and make yourself pretty now, otay?"

She stopped me dead in my tracks.

Are you saying I'm not pretty?

Are you ashamed of me?

You do realize you're THREE, don't you?

She laughed it off and explained (as only Hailey could) that she just likes my hair better straight (as she pulled it down to my shoulders), but that she loves me anyway.

Thanks a lot, kid...

I started thinking about it later though.  I am the type of woman who does like to be presentable.

I do my hair, my makeup, and choose outfits that make me feel put-together as well as proud of myself.

The Crazies are very used to this.

If I'm not dressed for the day, I'm dressed for the gym (and I always stress that I do that to stay healthy, not be skinny...that is very important to me to make that clear...we don't need any errant body image issues popping up at the age of three).

They rarely see me not giving a shit...and of that, I'm proud.

We should care.  We should try.  We should give a shit.

Why am I Pouring my Heart Out about this, one might ask?

I don't really just hit me.  I have shown my daughter that a woman is typically put together and looks nice.  I have shown her that taking the time to make yourself feel good is important.  I have (with the aid of Husband) shown her that regular "upkeep" is important and not only makes you look better, but feel better.  I have shown her that when you're put together, you are more likely to make good decisions and you can get more done.  

I believe all of this wholeheartedly. I creating someone who is shallow?  Am I creating a young lady who believes that people that don't try aren't good enough?  Am I creating a young lady who will base her opinions on what people look like rather than who they really are?  Sounds bad, right?

But is it so wrong?