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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playing Hooky

Wednesday are typically yoga days.

It's my strength yoga that I love.  It's my strength yoga that helps my recover from my Monday class.  It's my strength yoga that makes me feel, well, strong.

The Crazies woke up as usual (which means Matthew an hour early and Hailey 15 minutes late).

They asked me "what we doin today?"

I told them.

They both immediately said, "I don't wanna do dat...I wanna do nuttin."

Typically, I'd ignore the Crazies, cajole them into agreeing with my agenda, and ignore their pleas for autonomy.

Today was different.  I gave in.  We played hooky from our regularly scheduled programming.

I let them watch the Disney channel with cereal while I got ready.

I made them pancakes for breakfast with squeezy applesauce.

I fought with Matthew to put his shoes on.

We ended up in the car.

We were off to Target to take pictures of toys.


We do.

This year, since we can't write and have no idea what we actually want, we're creating collages for Santa with pictures that we've taken as well as items cut out of catalogs.

I seriously can't wait to see them.

I have no idea what made me come up with this.

So, there I was, snapping pictures like crazy in Target.  The items the Crazies picked out were awesome and really helped me know how to shop this year.  I seriously had no idea what to get them.

I think I'm going to get them "Hungry Hungry Hippos" too.  Is that a good idea?  I can't remember what the game is like, but I do remember that it's hysterically funny if you're a little kid...what isn't though, right?

The one funny thing that happened was when we happened upon a aisle with an Asian woman and her kid...she was waiting patiently as her son played with something in the middle of the aisle.  Suddenly, Matt finds something that I desperately needed to capture, so I start snapping pictures.  I mention something to this woman about making a collage, but it's clear that she doesn't understand English.  No biggie...she was very nice anyway, but I'm almost positive she was thinking, "and they think WE'RE the crazy tourists with our cameras all over the place...who in the world takes pictures of TOYS in TARGET??"

Yup, I'm a loser.

How are you guys doing Santa lists this year?

Can you tell I'm excited for Christmas?

I'll try to post pictures of us making the collages, but it might be a few days...we have a very busy few days ahead of us.


  • My Nana has her masectomy and is doing very well.  She thought it was hysterically funny that her discharge information reminded her not to have sex!
  • The owls are working beautifully in the Crazies' room.  It took some serious behavioral therapy and consistency on my part, but they get it.  Matt is typically up before his owl anyway, but he's been cool about staying in his room.  They work like a charm for naptime.
  • Speaking of naptime, it's turned into Quiet Time on some days...we have a few Crazies who are starting to fight their naps.  Oh, and one Crazy who likes to sleep under her bed...weird.