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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Blogging Boycott?

Not so much.

I'm just a bit disenchanted with this world right now.

Not my world...I love my world.
It's the world outside my world.

Every time I turn around, something is getting worse.

It's not that I'm not happy's just that there's so MUCH on my mind.

In better news, I had the Crazies preschool conference today and everything is on target.

Then we went to a new bounce house place which was awesome.

I slid down a HUGE slide with Hailey and we laughed like little girls...only out of character for one of us.

Then we went to Panera.

Then we came home and watched The Lion King.

Then Matt fell asleep.

Then I freaked out thinking he wouldn't take a nap.

Then he freaked out b/c I woke him up.

Then we went up for naps.  Matt went down great and Hailey was a TOTAL PITA.  That's what I get for giving her an awesome morning.

Then I called Husband so he could hear our own personal version of The Exorcist.
Then I go up there with the phone in my ear and she says, "I wanna go to sweep now...I wanna be tucked in...I wanna go to sweep" and makes me look like a total liar that her head was spinning around.  Husband will never believe me.

There's more, but I'm too tired to remember it.

This whole PSU thing just brings to light that you never really know who you're leaving your children with.  How do you trust anyone?  How do you let your kids go?  If you don't, you're screwed because they're the weird kids who have no life experience, but if you do, you take a risk every.single.time.

Scary, right?