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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hi, This Week? I Think I Missed You!

Did you guys know that Thanksgiving is next week?

I sorta kinda knew b/c of all of those "I'm thankful for..." posts on the internet, but then it dawned on me that next week is just a few days away.


Oh, and if Thanksgiving is next week then my sister's baby shower is just the week after...a mere 10 days (or something like that...I didn't actually count).

How did THAT happen???

This week has been a blur...a hodgepodge* of gym, preschool, conferences, bouncy houses, tutoring, cleaners, Paner.a, naps, making phone calls that were absolutely necessary, ordering baby shower goodies, and spending 5 minutes with Husband at the end of the day only to say that we "really need to start talking about Christmas."

Well, holy shit...Christmas is getting close too!

It's like I've never seen a calendar before, right?

I have to admit something though.  After a time of doing a lot of fighting, yelling, pouting, bribing, convincing, and other things that I'm not so proud of, things are coming together on the Crazy front.  They're starting to "get it."  They're starting to understand that their actions have direct consequences.  They're starting to understand that if they want something, they have to earn it.  They're starting to do things on their own without being told 30,000,000 times.  They're starting to help clean up when they're asked.

Oh, and I know that by merely putting these words into print will screw me and end my streak of good kids, but I have to give people hope that the attitude they develop when they first turn 3 does go away after a period of time.

I finally cut out the pictures for our Santa List Collage.  We should be working on that this weekend, but I have a feeling the Crazies are going to have a hard time letting go of their pictures.  They've become quite attached.  They were allowed (by a very nice Husband) to bring their envelopes to bed last night since they were very well behaved.  As I write this, Matt is laying his pictures out on his bed and shining the ladybug nightlight on every single it's magical or something.

Naps have taken an interesting turn.  Matt goes right up, tucks himself in, and goes to sleep.  Hailey fights me like I'm a peasant trying to kick her out of her royal throne.  She had this tirade the other day where she wouldn't let me leave the room without screaming that I had to "tuck in the lamp!" or "tuck in the ceiling fan!"  or "tuck in the window!"  WTF, sound like you're looney tunes.  Who tucks in a ceiling fan?  

Sad to say, I do...don't judge me.

Then she plays with her pals for a while...a long while.  Yesterday they got swim lessons.  It's super cute, but when she finally falls asleep, it's only like 30 minutes before Matt is waking up, so her naps have sucked big time.  Oh well...she can tolerate it.  Matt can't.

They've also been eating like champs...even Hailey.  We may get out of the 25-pound range after all!

So, what's been happening with you guys?

Need a strategy for saying "no" while it really sounds like you're saying yes?  Check me out over here...I love this method and it really makes me seem like less of a bitch!

*  Can you believe "hodgepodge" is a real word?  What is this world coming to?