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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers...on a Saturday morning

Holy crap...what is wrong with me?  I'm late on FNL...something I never do.  Ah, well...thanks to the loose rules of the internet, it doesn't matter one single bit.  There are no late fees and no one will look at me like a loser for "dropping the ball on the big project."

Thanks to Danifred...FNL completes me.

  • I'm starting to feel that weird "Holiday Rush" feeling right near my heart and on the edge of my brain.

  • Hailey is driving me NUTS whenever it comes to a sleep time...naps and night time.  Absolutely NUTS!  For instance, she needs to call me in at 9:18 at night to tell me that she "wants to lay dis way."  Seriously?  THEN LAY THAT WAY!!!!!

  • I adore my son when he gets his hair cut.  He's serious as a heart attack and really wants to marry his hair dresser.  Yes, I take my 3-year old to my fancy-dancy salon/spa, but it's worth it.  He should run a training school for other kids getting their hair cuts.  Although, I did notice that he was throwing dirty looks at the lady next to him.  It wasn't her fault...she was having her hair blown dry and he hates the dryer.  I'm pretty sure it was misconstrued.

  • I have a stuffed Santa on my front table from Kohl's.  Every now and then, when one of the Crazies is annoying me, I'll walk over and start whispering in his ear.  They look at me with complete wonderment and a side of fear.

  • ^That^ is why I will NOT complain about holiday decorations being out too early...I'm milking this for all it's worth.  I'll complain when I'm old and don't care about my children's behavior.  So bring on the lights, Christmas trees, fake Santas, and Salvation Army bell ringers...

  • I love that Husband gets the Crazies out of bed on weekend mornings.  I think he kind of likes it and I'm kind of sick of it.  When you have twins, any sort of break is more than welcome.

  • I'm having a date night with Husband tonight...can't wait.  I think we'll indulge in a bit of Christmas shopping and then return close to home to eat at a favorite restaurant.  This was unexpected, but totally welcomed.  We haven't had a date night in FOREVER!

  • We have yet to take our holiday picture.  We're going to a Christmas Village next week with MomMom and PopPop.  I plan on taking the picture there, but then I realized that it's outside, so they'll be wearing their jackets.  There goes my plans for coordinating shirts, right...except if I take their jackets off really quick at the perfect location, make them freeze for 30 seconds, and hope for the best.  It'll come out perfectly, right?

  • We're doing more Christmas decorating this weekend because we actually have a couple of free hours.  That's right...milking it for all it's worth!