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Monday, November 21, 2011

Makes My Monday

Head over to Cheryl's blog to see who else is happy on a Monday!

So, if it's "too early" to put this thing outside, we'll inflate it inside...I hate these things with a PASSION, but clearly, I'm alone in that sentiment (and I will not admit that I poked a hole in Rudolph from last year).

Matching her Mama today...making me proud.  She was totally against it until she realized it was long enough to look like a "dressie" and then she was happy and wore it all day long.

Practicing her model poses...note the empty reel of Christmas lights...we're ahead of the game this year, folks!

Very happy to be matching his Daddy...while being a complete embarrassment to his Mama.  I kid!  I kid!

They spent a lot of time hanging out with Brie today...not sure why, but it was cute.

Very happy kid b/c he earned his special treat by finishing his entire dinner.  No one can resist a Ghirardelli brownie!  Weird though...he opted to have more asparagus rather than eat some potatoes...the Crazies are weird.  They HATE potatoes.

Knowing that she has to eat THAT piece of asparagus in order to get that brownie.  She wasn't happy, but she muddled through and was successful in the end.

What makes my Monday?  Being home, catching up on things, decorating for Christmas, and just spending some time together.