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Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers - Confessions

Thanks to Danifred for hosting.

Here are my confessions (God, they're so PG...I used to be much more fun in my twenties):
  • I'm afraid to check on Hailey before I go to bed.  She always wakes up and says "what are you doin in here?  I'm twying to sweep."  She scares the crap out of me.
  • I love The Sing-Off.
  • I was kind of glad that Hailey had to miss school on Monday.  Not because she was sick, but because it meant me HAVING to skip my ultra-difficult workout class that makes me use the handicapped bars in public restrooms for days.
  • Running errands with one sick child in the rain is so much easier than two.
  • I really debated on spending Thanksgiving at home by ourselves b/c the Crazies were sick.  It would have been sad, but you know how awesome it is to be sick and in your own bed...oh well.  They're surviving.
  • I don't like turkey.
  • I admire Husband for getting Hailey's stroller in the car b/c I would have left that shit behind in a heartbeat.
  • It's cool to see the Crazies being the "big kids" around their cousin.
  • I get really pissed when I hear an audible yawn come out of the mouths of the Crazies in the middle of the night after they've been up for hours...really pissed.  I just want to scream "YOU DIDN'T EARN THAT YAWN!  YOU HAVEN'T BEEN DOING ANYTHING BUT KEEPING ME AWAKE, BUT IF THAT MAKES YOU SO FREAKING SLEEPY THAT I NEED TO HEAR YOUR YAWN, HAVE AT IT!!!"
  • Yes, I'm bitter about not getting sleep.
  • I have bugged the shit out of Husband this week about two things...a manicure and the iPhone.  I got both of them...guess persistence pays off after all.
  • I will never understand Black Friday...ever.  My luck will be that Hailey insists on going at some point and I fall in love with it and become one of those crazy people out at midnight.  If that happens, just shoot me.
  • We thought we were really smart purchasing sleeping bags for the Crazies for this weekend...turns out, you have to train kids how to sleep in sleeping bags or they just toss themselves all over the place like Crazies.

  • Those are not my kids.
  • I want to punch Miss Piggy in the face.