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Monday, November 28, 2011

Makes My Monday - If You Can't Beat Your Kids, Do This...

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After a long weekend of traveling and decorating, we were battling two insistent Crazies who just didn't want to go down for sleep.  After several trips upstairs and multiples eye rolls between the two of us, Husband and I had just settled down to unwind for the night.  All of the sudden, I see something inside the lamp and chaos ensues.  After all, no one likes a creature like this in your house...but if you're fed up with your real life, you can beat the living shit out of this creature...and your creature killer, apparently.

"I think I got it!"

The dog hair is can thank me later.  It does show you the scale of this nasty moth though, does it not?

"Yes, you can get me a new bug killer for Christmas!  Great idea!"

You guys...we were rolling after this.  I think we were just so freaking stressed out by how bad bedtimes have been lately that we needed this kind of chaos tonight.  So, if you can't beat your kids, you can beat the crap out of a bug...after all, there's no such thing as Bug Protective Services, right?