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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbit

The Crazies took a super long nap yesterday...typically I love this, but I knew that the later they slept, the later they'd go to bed, so I decided to try and wake them up.

Me:  Who wants to rub Mommy's belly...I have a belly ache.
Me:  Seriously?  You guys...Mommy.has.a.belly.ache.  Help me!  Who wants to rub Mommy's belly?
Hailey (in the smallest voice ever):  Me.
Me:  Great...
(I make myself comfortable on her bed and she begins my belly rub.)
Me:  Hailey, will you take care of me when I'm an old lady?
Hailey:  Yes, I will, but Matt won't because he's a mean guy...ya know?
(cue hysterical laughter)

I love these kids (even though they are absolutely out of control sometimes...remember when going away used to take those little babies off of their sleep schedule?  Well, now it gives them a huge entitled attitude that needs to be adjusted every 2 seconds).