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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Thanks, Danifred!

  • It's a bit early (she's not due until the beginning of March), but we were really nervous to do it in January/February due to Boston's infamous winters.

  • I can't wait though.

  • There has been a lot of preparation.

  • And a little bit of stress.

  • I can handle stress though.

  • I feel bad for leaving Husband with the Crazies again...they'll be busy though.  They have a breakfast with Santa tomorrow as well as Tae Kwon Do.  That should wear them out nicely.

  • I'm 75% packed...that's a miracle.

  • Today is shopping, an hour at Hopper's (new bouncy house place), lunch, naps (I've been putting them down earlier...good suggestion, my friend), finish packing, wait for Husband to arrive, kiss him good-bye, head to the airport, have a glass of wine, fly to Boston.

  • This whole week has been busy.

  • Siri is definitely keeping me on track.

  • I haven't taken a lot of picture of our Christmas decorations yet, but they're really shaping up.  It's amazing what a few years of doing the same thing will do.  It just seemed easier this year.  It probably helped that we started the outside a few weeks before Thanksgiving.

  • No, we didn't light up, but still...the hard part was done.

  • I'm collecting for the preschool teachers' Christmas gift...we're trying to give one big gift to each teacher as opposed to a bazillion smaller gifts.  It's actually a great idea and, as a former teacher, I think the teacher will appreciate it more.  I always hated to get $5 to B.arnes & Nob.le b/c you still have to put out some of your own money.  Imagine if you're an elementary school teacher and you get 25 different gift cards to 25 different just doesn't make sense.

  • I also threw away anything homemade...I've seen kids's not pretty.

  • I have an underlying sickness left over from the Crazies.  I'm pretty sure that after traveling this weekend with the general public (gag), I'll have a full blown sickness.  All of my symptoms are hiding out until I get through this shower...after which they'll attack me with a vengeance.  

  • The "Christmas Closet" downstairs looks like so much fun.  We're pretty much done shopping for the Crazies.  I'll take a picture of it's amazing.

  • Until I realize I have to wrap all that shit.

  • Bah-humbug.

  • Somehow, as we were rotating our mattress last night, I pissed Husband off to the point of him telling me to leave so he could do it himself.  Nice to know I don't have to help in the future...that's a freaking hard job!

  • I still give him MAJOR props for this weekend...he's a rockstar!


    There are many moments that have been creeping their way into my mind lately...whether they're disturbing, weird, or just plain freaky, they are on my mind and I must share.

    Don't "disturbing," "weird," and "just plain freaky" mean the same thing?  Yes, I'm being nominated for that very important writing award that starts with a P.  Don't be jealous.  My writing is awesome.

    Anywho, here are my moments:

    1. The moment you reach your hand into the garbage disposal and pray to God that it doesn't spontaneously turn on.
    2. The moment that you are finally convinced that the little black speck that you keep seeing in your field of vision is, indeed, a bug and you're actually not losing your sight.
    3. The moment you realize your children are beating the living shit out of each other rather than just actively playing.
    4. The moment that the one question your daughter had for you at 3:17 AM is turning into a game of 20 Questions.
    5. The moment you realize you've slept through your alarm and you didn't shower the previous day, so you can't even skip that.
    6. The moment you sit down on a public restroom seat only to realize that it's disturbingly warm.
    7. The moment that you realize that a really cool function of your new iPhone is to reverse the camera so you can take a picture of yourself, but it's 6AM when you catch a glimpse of yourself.  THEN you wonder how anyone could possibly wake up next to you and want to have sex with you...EVER.
    8. The moment that you realized you just encouraged your son to pee in the bath that you have no intention of redrawing...and then he plunges face down to "swim."
    9. The moment you sit down on the toilet and realize you forgot your phone.  What on Earth will you do NOW?  Actually take a crap???
    10. The moment you realize you just wrote a blog post including some pretty disturbing things about yourself, but don't care at all because these things happen to everyone.

    What are some of your moments?