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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stupid Things...

Ya know, like feed the Crazies lunch, address Christmas cards, screw off on FB...I hate rainy days.

Sleep, sleep, sleep...

  • Since we've been in big beds, Matthew has slept so much better.  He actually told me the other day, "Mommy, I love sleeping."  I'm totally with you, kid.  If you'll remember, it was Matt's sleeping/staying awake crap that led us to switch them to their own rooms in the first place.

  • You can imagine my recent surprise that Hailey has been a total PITA when it comes not only to naps, but to bed time as well.  I'm over it.  I'm sick of fighting and giving her time-outs because she doesn't want to nap.  I'm tired of her throwing herself against the door as I leave.  I'm tired of explaining what activities she can do during "Quiet Time" and what activities are off limits.  I'm tired of going in at bed time 18,000,000 times so that she can tell me to move her stuffies or that she needs to sleep "right here."

  • So, I complained about it...publicly and shamelessly.

  • I was given understanding nods and the "I've been there" sighs by my friends.

  • That wasn't much help though.

  • I also overheard my yoga instructor complaining about her child's sleeplessness.
  • WHAT???  My Zen Master also has irritating children?  How does she remain centered???
  • Then, I then rudely said, "What are you guys talking about?  Is your child a total PITA lately too?"

  • I was warmly welcomed into the conversation and given a great idea.

  • There was a woman there who has 4 kids...ranging in age from 3 to 10.  She's also ridiculous flexible thanks to a lifetime of gymnastics, but we won't get into that...let's just say that there's a reason she has 4 kids.  I might have a lot of sex too if my body could do half of what hers does.

  • I digress.

  • Her second child wouldn't stay in bed at sleep times...she threw herself at the door, tried to get out, climbed the gate they used, and eventually started setting up camp right at the gate...blankets, stuffies, pillow, the whole nine yards.

  • Then she started leaving three pennies in her daughter's room.  

  • She would put her daughter in her bed, tuck her in, and say good night.  

  • If she had to come in, she would take a penny.

  • If she had any pennies left by morning, her daughter could put them in her piggy bank.

  • I struggled with this because I am not one for paying my children for good behavior, but on the other hand, I did give them M&Ms for potty training, right?  I do give them dessert in exchange for finishing their meals, right?  How is this much different?

  • Because it's money...that's how.

  • Okay, but at the same time, it's also a punishment because I'm taking something away if they misbehave...just like I would do if they were awake.

  • So, we tried it last night...actually, I tried it at nap time with Hailey yesterday and it worked like a charm.  I don't think she actually napped, but she was quiet until her owl turned green (yes, those things are still working).

  • Husband put three coins in each Crazy's bedroom.  I explained what the deal was.

  • We kissed good night, gave hugs, and tucked Crazies in.

  • It was quiet...disturbingly quiet.  It's never this quiet in our house after bedtime, but it was.

  • As I was packing to go to Boston this weekend, I noticed that Matthew's light was on...W.T.F.????

  • I marched in there and said, "ABSOLUTELY NOT!"  I dramatically switched the light off and audibly took a coin.

  • Silence.

  • He did call Husband in to make sure that I did, indeed, take a coin.  Husband confirmed.  All was quiet again.

  • WTH?

  • Did that really just work?

  • I'm flabbergasted.

  • I also used them one morning with Hailey.  She was up way too early pissed off because she "didn't want to go to sleep."  Not my fault, went to with it.

  • She was really not taking "no" for an answer.  So, I told her she could get the coin she lost the previous night back if she waited for her owl to turn green.

  • It worked.

  • WTF??


  • I can't believe it's working...what works for you?