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Thursday, December 8, 2011


Hailey was really upset one morning this week b/c I accidentally hit the button on her owl and it wasn't green anymore.  She cried for 15 minutes (only one of which I paid her any attention b/c I have TWO kids to get dressed and ready for preschool).  Matt was up on the stool to have his teeth brushed and the following ensued:

M:  Hailey, why you cwyin?
H:  Because my owl's not Gween anymore...
M:  Don't be sad (touches her face).  I'll be nice to you.
H:  (confused look b/c he's touching her nicely)
M:  Your owl will be gween again later on and den you can be happy, otay?
H:  (nodding)  Okay...I love you.
M:  I love you too.
(bends down to hug her...tantrum over)

At the end of naps the other day, Matt calls down to tell me that his owl is green and can he get out of bed.  I tell him yes, but I guess in the process we woke Her Majesty from her slumber.  She starts crying like she's scared and before I can even make it up the stairs, the following ensues:

M:  (jumps out of bed, opens his door, runs to her door, opens her door, and kneels down beside her)
H:  Waaaahhhhh...
M:  (stroking her back)  It's're otay.  I love might have had a bad dream.

Both were checking out the Fisher-Price catalog...the following ensued:

H:  I want dis from Santa.
M:  Sorry, but I don't think he can fit dat in his sweigh...
H:  Oh, okay, den I don't want it.

These are pretty typical throughout the day:
  • "Haiwey, dis is what makes me weally weally mad."
  • "How many times do I hafta tell you about dis?"
  • "Mooommm...I need some help wit dis."
  • "I'm afwaid that Haiwey won't get pwesents because she's being so loud at naptime."
He's cracking me up folks, seriously...

Check him out from last Christmas...the cuteness kills me.  When did he get so BIG!?!

I had to include the little Troublemaker too...she just cracks me up!