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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ten Things for Thursday

10 things I love:
  1. Coming downstairs in the morning and turning on the Christmas tree.
  2. The fact that Husband just about squeals whenever he sees that the Charlie Brown Christmas special is going to be on.
  3. Seeing the Crazies search around for Kringle (our elf).
  4. Having surprises in store for the Crazies (we have one tomorrow, but I have to wait until Christmas to unveil).
  5. The way Matt lines up his trucks...I find little lines of things all over the house.  His tendency toward OCD warms my heart.
  6. The fact that I'm lucky enough to complain about too many presents to wrap.
  7. Hailey's fat lip (received in Kids' Zone yesterday after tussling with some boys) and the fact that she calls it her "wip."
  8. My manicure.
  9. Sushi.
  10. The fact that Kringle left me a note today too!

10 things I hate:
  1. The fact that politicians are trying to get away with calling a Christmas Tree a "Holiday Tree."  It's associated with Christmas...always has been.  I'm sure the other religions don't exactly find solace in your decision to include them in a tradition that isn't theirs.
  2. Laundry.
  3. Dog who is apparently shedding like it's her job.
  4. Stuffed animals.
  5. Anything that comes in the mail that isn't a Christmas card.
  6. Rude people (yes, lady who stepped in front of me in line the other day while my hands were ridiculously full...I'm glad your barely full cart was causing you so much stress that you just had to jump in front).
  7. Ribbon that isn't satin and when I try to decorate with it b/c I don't have any satin ribbon, it looks like shit.
  8. The dude that tailgated me all the way to tutoring yesterday...seriously, you have issues.
  9. Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People Special...seriously, most of those people were pretty damn annoying, if you ask me (except for Derek Jeter...I love you, honey!).
  10. My cough.
10 things I don't give a shit about:
  1. Getting in a frenzy to bake Christmas'll get done.
  2.'ll get done.
  3. Putting the Crazies' outside toys back in the shed...which is why they're still sitting on my deck.
  4. Making my bed.
  5. Michael Buble (is it me?  Or does he always seem drunk?)
  6. What gift to get for the garbage men...I know it's nice to do, but they're so hard to buy for!
  7. Politics.
  8. Hollywood.
  9. Bathing Suit Season...and anyone who uses that phrase.
  10. Shaving above my knee.
Oh, and I'm over here today!  Go check me out...apparently I'm into lists today!

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