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Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Thanks to Danifred for wrapping my week up right!

  • I have no idea why, but I've started this phenomenon in my house called "Baby Pancake."  It started by accidentally dripping some batter onto the skillet and giving it to one of the Crazies and now, every time we have pancakes, they want the Baby Pancake.  One day there were twins and everyone was's the little things.

  • I didn't feel well this morning and beat myself up over letting the Crazies watch a few hours of television while munching on dry cereal...I'm over it now, but what was that all about???  I typically let myself off the hook...WTH??

  • We did make it out of the house to do Husband's surprise and hit up the library.  I went with the "if you look good, you feel good" worked.

  • I love having our tree on during the day.  Matt told me that we shouldn't do it because it was "daytime and the lights don't show up as well," but I'm choosing to ignore him and his logical thinking.

  • I figured out one really difficult thing that comes along with having twins 3-year olds.  You know that moment when you're just about to lose your mind and you decide to walk away and close the door for a minute?  You know that moment, right?  The moment right before you do something you don't want to do.  The moment you absolutely NEED to get back under control?  Well, as soon as I walk away from that situation that is making me want to jump off a bridge, there is another Crazy in another maddening debacle and I don't get the break that I really need...I'm talking like a 30 second break to take some deep breaths and gather myself to act like the adult that I believe myself to be.  I don't get that and sometimes, it's really hard.

  • I don't complain a a matter of fact, I often say to myself that having twins is just like having two kids, but the stark difference is that I'm dealing with two at the same exact developmental level.  I can't say to one, "go and close your door, I need to deal with this" because she wants to be in on the action.  She doesn't get that this could be a volatile situation and that if she doesn't want to get kicked in the face by her out-of-control brother, it would be better to walk away.  So, she gets kicked in the face...can't say I didn't warn you.  There is no logic.

  • I swear that next year will be the year that I'll have a stash of gifts for those people that I always the swim teacher (who sweetly gave the kids painting books) and the dance teacher and anyone else that happens to pop up.

  • I am pretty proud of myself for getting something for the mail lady this year...a bath bomb from LUSH.  I love this damn store.  Now, what to get for the garbage dudes...

  • I'm in charge of getting gift cards for the preschool teachers this year.  I already got them $50 each for a local restaurant...what else would be a good idea?  Maybe Kohl's...everyone goes to Kohl's, right?

  • I'm looking forward to our weekend...quick dinner out and grocery shopping tonight.  Hailey's Winter dance performance tomorrow.  Wrapping tomorrow night.  Manicure Sunday followed by dinner at a friend's house...a yearly event.  I love Christmas!