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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Just for Girls? Just for Boys? Who Cares?

I just read this article and I loved it.

It's a little lengthy, but it goes into gender stereotypes and how we, as adults and parents, feed the fire.

Even if we don't know we're doing it.

Having boy/girl twins is a definite test of what you can say and what you can't.  What you can allow and what you can't.  What you can encourage and what you can't.

My son has nail polish on his toes.  
My daughter plays with trains every single day.
My son sleeps with a piece of dollhouse furniture.
My daughter plays "crash" with the boys at preschool.

I have dealt with many kids who have "come out" to me through my years of teaching and tutoring and I have supported them like crazy.  I feel for these kids.  I feel for the fact that they've had to hide or manipulate who they really are to fit into these molds that our society has created.

Those molds are definitely changing...that much is true.  People are definitely accepting more and more out of their children, but that leads to another cache of issues.  People are realizing that not every kid is going to be a traditional girl or a traditional boy...and some people aren't realizing that at all.

How do we, as loving parents, deal with some of these really difficult issues?
How do we, as loving parents, teach our children that some people will just never get it?
How do we, as loving parents, protect our children from the ignorance that still runs rampant through our society?

Sometimes we just can't.

And it sucks.

Take a few the article...think about if it were your kid.  How would you want their teacher to handle it?