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Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Thanks to Danifred!

  • Hailey keeps drawing pictures for me (with stickers, I might add) and putting them under the tree.  They're my "gifts."  That girl is freaking adorable.

  • I went to the grocery store today...what was I thinking?  Thankfully, the Crazies went into the TreeHouse (childcare at the grocery store...someone is a genius) and everyone else was pretty nice.  Clueless, but nice.

  • I got the Crazies these little things for Advent.  They're a Santa squatting over a chimney and candy comes out of his ass...what is wrong with me?

  • Ummm...Why, oh why, do I ever turn the Dr. Oz show on?  Today they had this woman who was ridiculously obese (BMI 128) who ate online to satisfy men who were turned on by women who overeat.  She had two children and didn't want any a matter of fact, kept saying how she as in "perfect health."  Sickening...

  • Matt was trying to pee after holding it for a long time.  Things got a little unwieldy fire hydrant out of control and he freaked out.  He let go of his unit and started sobbing because he was missing the pool.  I'm standing there yelling, "well, don't let go of it...get control back!  You're peeing all over the place!  Hold onto it!!!"  I knew, at that moment, that I was actively scarring my child.

  • I seriously can't wait for Christmas.  We have to wrap Hailey's gifts still, but it is going to be SUCH an awesome morning (p.s. I can't wait to open my gifts either as I have NO idea what I'm getting).
  • It's all about the kids though, right?

  • Took Matt to get his hair cut last night and I just want to announce that little boy hair cuts are the bestest.

  • I'm trying out a recipe to bring to SIL's house tomorrow...I figured it was better to bake a few ahead of time as there are some very picky eaters that will be there.  Hmph...I'll do my best.  PS - They look like this: 

  • My gel manicure is working out well.  I'm happy because nails take a lot of abuse around the holidays!

  • Watching Dumbo makes me feel like I'm tripping out!
  • Take a minute and check in with Marcia...her little girl is in the hospital right now (and may be for 5 days) and could really use some good thoughts!
  • I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas...I love my blog friends (and my IRL friends and family, but you know what I'm talking about)!