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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Papa's Christmas Presents 2011

So, we're currently supposed to be landing in Boston, but our flight was canceled this morning...AFTER we arrived at the airport, parked our car, took the shuttle to departures, and found our airline.  

I'm not a happy camper right now.

In lieu of not being happy, I decided to relive some of our favorite Christmas memories from this year...through photos.

Papa sent a package ahead of his you can see, Papa loves candy!  Apparently, so do the Crazies (and every other kid on Earth)!  Captions provided by the Crazies.

", I didn't know I had to ask permission before opening my presents.  But it had my name on it!"
"'re in twouble."

"But wook!  Wook what I got!"
"Yup...totally worth it."

"Holy crap, I got one too."

"ohmigosh...more candy!"

"And even MORE candy!!!"

"This is a kids' dream come true...candy after candy after candy!"

"Haiwey, a pwesent for both of us."
"Nice...lemme help!"

"How did Papa know I wuv Snoopy!!??"
" it sugary?  Can I eat it?"

Thanks, Papa...your presents were VERY well received!  Can't wait to see you soon!