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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

So, I'm still sitting here bitter because our flight was canceled.  I'm trying to get myself back into the holiday spirit though, so here are the shots from Christmas Eve at Aunt Christine and Uncle Ryan's house.  Unfortunately, I don't have any shots of our hosts though...apparently, I suck at keeping track of things like that when five million other things are going on!

Hailey would do this thing on Christmas Eve where she'd open a present, pick it up (no matter how big it was) and do this weird stomp over to show me.  It was hysterical.  Then she put her new dance bag on her head for no apparent reason.  She's lost her mind, folks!  It's official!

Matt was very into checking out everything he got in detail.  The picture on the bottom right totally reminds me of Husband...he loves to read the back of boxes.  Is that a guy thing?

MomMom and PopPop got some phly Phillies gear (that was lame attempt at saying "fly," but using the PH how the Phillies phans do it...yes, I'm lame).  Landon was in full effect.  Uncle Andrew was in from the Deep South (it's not really the deep south, but they have thick accent where he works, so it's close enough).  What a great day!