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Friday, November 9, 2012

Sitting down, naked for the FedEx guy, and Alienating Preschool Moms

Well, what a Friday I've had!  Full of fun activities!!!

Let's go in chronological in the world could little old me possibly alienate preschool Moms???  Well, just bring up the idea of participation trophies in front of me and be ready for the alienation.

Matt had fallen down crying on the playground after preschool.  He was faking, but that allowed me to get out of my current conversation and into another one.  Someone mentioned how nice the weather was going to be for soccer tomorrow and if they were doing the same medals for the younger kids as they had for the older (I have inside information as Husband was a coach this year).  I said that they were doing the medals and they were so cute and such a better idea.  Then another Mom (that I don't know that well at all) mentioned how she was bummed that they weren't getting trophies.

At this point, I should have walked away...I get it.

Instead, I went on a rant about how trophies are for winners and, at the very least, for kids who actually place.  At the preschool level, they don't even play real games, so giving them trophies is just setting them up for disappointment in the later years when they actually lose a game and don't get a trophy.  This mother then said how nice it was to see them all lined up on her son's shelves and how much he loves them.  

I have to say, at this point, I actually did change the subject rather than telling her about how the shelf of participation trophies held as much weight for me as an empty drawer.  If you're constantly telling kids that they're "winners," how will they be able to cope when they actually lose something and walk away empty handed???  Be proud...I changed the subject instead of bursting her bubble...who am I to be a bubble burster?

We finally get home and I'm dying to take a shower.  I took my first Combat class today and it was no joke.  After 15 minutes of "helping" the Crazies decide on a movie (which was more difficult then me picking a husband), I went upstairs to shower.  Husband picks that moment to call and catch up, so I decide to disrobe while we're on the phone.

Kinky, ain't we?

Anyway, Hailey had to call me down to cut the tag out of her sweater (like she didn't just go through all of school and the entire morning with that tag, but it HAD to be cut out at that very moment)...which was annoying enough, but then Matt starts calling me right as I was getting ready to jump in the shower.

WHAT?  (I screamed with a totally annoyed note to my typically angelic voice)
Someone's at the door!
WHAT?  (because I'm apparently deaf too)

It was at this moment that I did something that I will never do again.  I left my bedroom buck ass naked to see if my son was indeed telling me the truth.  We have windows along either side of our front door and thank the Good Lord above (if I capitalize His name, He knows I'm serious) that the FedEx dude had enough decorum not to be staring through those windows because he would have seen some serious white girl action.

I dart back into my room (screaming because I'm that mature) and hang up on Husband who just wants to know who's at the front door.  I sprint down the stairs and open the door.  The FedEx dude isn't new to chicks in robes, but that little fact doesn't make me feel any better about myself.  I sign for the package and rip it out of his hands.  I yell someone about the first initial being an "R" and slam the door.  I thank Matt profusely and run upstairs to phone Husband that his much-anticipated iPhone had finally arrived.  

I am a good wife.

I finally shower and get ready (while maybe playing game or two of SongPop) and head downstairs.  I'm STARVING at this point, but the Crazies invite me to watch the end of The Incredibles and how could I resist?  I get snuggled up on the couch with them, put both arms around the loves of my life, and listen to them settle in as Matt says, "this is awesome."  Life is good.


Rebecca said...

So what kind of extra dessert are the crazies going to get?

Rebecca said...

And I feel the need to comment again because it's Friday and the crazies need more desserts.

Rebecca said...

Plus also, I need to comment on your nudity and the FedEx Window guy! Hah! Reminds me of a pin I saw on Pinterest. It said something like if you're dumb enough to look into my window then your punishment is seeing me naked.

Rebecca said...

And because giving out extra desserts to kids who aren't mine I need to comment separately on the mom who wanted a trophy for participation. I say not even a ribbon should be given. Back when I was growing up we were given certificates to say we were a good team player. Only the best were given trophies, the second best was given medals

Life with Gemelos said...

AMEN about the freakin' trophies! I can't stand that. I am proud of you for changing the subject...not sure I could have resisted and I am usually not at all confrontational...but that is one subject that just annoys me!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I was thinking about you a couple of weeks ago, with regards to preschool mamas. Didn't you organize a moms' night out once upon a time? I had a brief idea to put that out there...but I don't think we have the right mix for it. I can't stand the rejection! HA!

Kudos for speaking at least part of your mind, and then changing the subject. ;)

Barbara Manatee said...

I almost screamed at a Fed Ex guy the other day. It was 8:30am on election day and I thought it was someone doing last minute campaigning...I was just about to holler through the door when I saw the truck in the driveway. Whew!

I've often streaked downstairs to get something hanging up in the laundry room - sometimes not realizing the blinds were open. Thank Goodness I've never been caught!

Love Matt's comment at the end! So sweet!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I am 100% with you on the trophies and empty meaningless affirmation.

Matter of fact, I have a LONG comment I wrote elsewhere in blog drafts - I'm going to post it Mon/ Tues!

it's all about rewards for kids.

Mom said...

Perhaps if you had a shelf of trophies in your bedroom to admire, you wouldn't feel the need to leave your room naked for any reason, thus taking the chance that ANY human being at your front door might get a look at more than he/she bargained for. This probably makes no sense to you, but I'm trying very hard to save you from yourself so I don't have to laugh so hard up here on LI! (teehee)

Carrie27 said...

At least they didn't have the door open waiting for you to come down stairs. I have totally walked through the house naked way too many times, and the kiddos will grab the door to see who it is before I can get downstairs.

andrea said...

ditto on the trophies. totaly agree.

i have actually had almost the same naked delivery man experience, except it was the ups guy. oy.