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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Stop Staring!!

It's New Years Day.

We spend the day with family in a very relaxing way.

Life is good.

We decide to take down the indoor Christmas decorations the next day...our very last day of vacation.

We have a lovely dinner of sausage and peppers (I kind of rock that dish these days).

We put the Crazies to bed with only one interruption (Matt never takes a shit before going to bed...he HAS to wait until lights out has come and annoying, but at least he's not shitting his pants anymore, right?).

The Giants were beating the Cowboys (woohoo!), so I decide to take a bath during half-time.

The lovely part of being on vacation is being able to take a bath at 9:45 PM.

I draw the bath at just the right temperature, drop in my LUSH bath bar, make sure my ESPN alerts are on, and turn up my "relaxation" music (great app for my new iPhone).

I get into the bath, pull the bubbles up to my face, take a sip of wine, and realize that Aurora is fucking staring right at my vagina.

Hmmm...that's kind of weird (especially b/c Hailey drew all over her face with a bath crayon and she looks a little bit like a murder victim).

I close my eyes, inhale deeply, concentrate on the music, and try to relax.

One eye peeks open (stupid involuntary movements).

She's staring right at me.  

I wonder, "Do other people have this problem?"

I rearrange my bubbles and violently kick her over...drowning her in a completely satisfactory manner.

Problem solved (until her stupid hair gets tangled in my toes).

Happy New Year, peeps!

So, I Will...

New post here...

Firsts 2011

Around the New Year, I love to look back on the past year to see what I did for the very first time.  I think it's important to look back and see what you've accomplished.  I did it last year and here we go for 2011:

  1. Took the Crazies to the aquarium for the first time (which led us to eventually purchase a Family membership).  I think this actually happened in December of 2010, but who's counting, right?
  2. Resigned from a job I loved for no good reason (except raising the Crazies, if you count that).
  3. Created my first sushi roll for the Crazies (ham and cheese...aren't I freaking creative?).
  4. Went to the Port Discovery museum with Papa and the Crazies for the first time.
  5. Got my first brain MRI (yes, there is a brain in there).
  6. Left my first snotty note on a horribly parked car.
  7. Read and implemented a parenting book (not a baby book...a "how-the-hell-do-I-get-my-kids-to-act-normal?" book).
  8. Made my first big parental educational decision.
  9. Became and Aunt for the first time (about to be a second time in a couple of months)!  Love that Baby Landon!!!
  10. Got my first flat tire with kids in the car and had to call AAA.
  11. Sucked it up and went back to the yoga class in which I dislocated my patella...and rocked it.
  12. Gave both of my children piggytails.
  13. Took the binks away...successfully!
  14. Received my first gluteal massage...and loved it!
  15. Had a child of mine turn blue and stop breathing due to a seizure.
  16. Took our first trip to the emergency room in an ambulance with an unconscious child (see #15).
  17. Handled my shit much better than I thought I would in an emergency situation (see #15 and #16).
  18. Had my first EVER all-day date with Hailey and loved every second of it.
  19. Went to my first half-marathon in support of Husband and a couple of amazing friends.
  20. Consistently participated in an exercise class that kicked my ass on a weekly basis...I never quit even though I couldn't walk for 3-4 days after the class...I love it!
  21. Spent my first weekend in Newport, RI with Sister and GG...awesome weekend!
  22. I came up with my first ever brilliant parenting move...all on my own!
  23. Started my first ever sales job with Stella & Dot (and loved it...for a while...I'm starting to wane).
  24. Attended my first dance recital (for a child of mine).
  25. Had my first play date with two sets of twins and a set of triplets!
  26. Went to meet Thomas the Tank Engine for the very first time.
  27. Potty trained two children before the age of three...holla!
  28. Let the Crazies play in the sprinkler naked.
  29. Sent the Crazies to a couple of summer camps (which totally rocked).
  30. Went to our first movie with the Crazies (this happened just a few days after potty training, so I didn't get to see much of the movie as I was in the restroom every 3.2 seconds).
  31. Drove up and back to NY with the Crazies as Husband had to work...that rocked.
  32. Tolerated a Crazy who gave up her nap.
  33. Survived my first kitchen remodel without killing anyone.
  34. Gave the Crazies KFC for the first time (see #33...btw, they hated it).
  35. Went to a kick-ass restaurant that people have heard of on a nationwide basis for our anniversary...that was so incredible.
  36. Tutoring schedule maxed out and went over what I could handle.  That's a first!
  37. Let a Crazy feed a giraffe with his bare hand.
  38. Fed a giraffe with MY bare hand (someone had to go first, right?).
  39. Went to Outerbanks for the first time EVER (and loved it).
  40. Almost drowned while desperately clutching my child as I landed on top of her in the ocean...I guess that could also count as my first time almost drowning another human being too, right?
  41. Lived through my first earthquake.
  42. Went on my first lung cancer walk in support of a family member.
  43. Had my first college friend diagnosed with cancer...and then my second (WTF?).
  44. Tried behavior charts for the first time (Epic Fail).
  45. Allowed the Crazies to finger paint for the first time (Epic Win).
  46. Went on our first real field trip (with a yellow school bus and everything).
  47. Put the Crazies in their own rooms for the first time.
  48. Brought the Crazies to the dentist for the first time.

So, there you have it.  Our year in review.  This wasn't a very big one for me personally.  Things have kind of evened out in my life.  Sometimes I see that as boring and sometimes I see that as awesome.  

Goals for 2012:
  1. Maintain exercise routine (possibly adding a spin class per week).
  2. Continue to eat well...maybe even a little bit better.
  3. Make sure vacation-talk is part of our Family are as important for our health as #1 and #2.
  4. Get the Crazies started on their sight words.
  5. Fill out my "Mom's One Line a Day" book every day...awesome Christmas present from Husband.
  6. Possibly get a bike and participate in a race this summer (this one is a long shot as we have nowhere to store a bike and no time for me to train, but'll happen one day).
  7. Create a music collection that really represents current playlists need some help!
  8. Integrate more yoga into my daily routine.
  9. Get the basement organized!
I think those are pretty good goals...I don't do actual resolutions or choose "target weights."  Too much pressure, but I do like having some goals.  I also love that January seems to be the month that I love to organize (as February is the month that I fall into a deep depression because I miss the Sun).

What about you guys?  Any firsts for you?  Any goals?