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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Word of the Year = Complete

Maybe it's not the most beautiful word in the English language, but it works for me.  I tried to look for alternates, but the only one that really spoke to me was "fulfill."  


It's still not what I'm going for though.

This year, I want to complete things.  I want to finish things all the way...not halfway, not almost, not "to be continued."  I want to finish.

I don't want to start a project and not finish.

I don't want to start an email to be continued later.

I don't want to start a book, then another, then another one...never really having finished the first.

Source: via Wendy on Pinterest

Husband has said this is a bad habit of mine.  A lot of things that I set out to do only make it to the halfway point.  I've tried needlepoint, scrapbooking, tennis, and letter writing (what in the world?).  However, I have never carried any of these projects all the way through.  I don't know if it's lack of time, constantly being interrupted by the Crazies, or life in general.

Some of those things are unavoidable...I get that.  However, starting reasonable projects is a good idea, right?  Yes, it only took me 37 years to learn that I shouldn't get in over my head.

I will choose smaller projects this year or break larger ones into manageable parts. 

The one thing I want to stay away from is the antonyms that you see up there.  I don't want to "forget, give up, halt, ignore, neglect, or stop" anything.

So, here are the projects that I am taking on this year:

  1. Complete the Crazies' rooms.  There is no reason why Hailey is sleeping under Matt's initials and why Matt's room is still a beach theme.  This is a big project which can be broken into smaller pieces.
  2. I want to complete reorganizing the china cabinet (I already did this today, but figured it was worth mentioning as I've been trying to get at it for 6 months).
  3. I want to complete losing the baby weight...yes, it's just 7 pounds, but I want it's been almost 3.5 years for God's sake.
  4. I want to complete hanging pictures/artwork in my home.  We've lived here for 5's about time (this is another one that needs to be broken into smaller pieces.  I will also need help as there is no fucking way you are going to see me teetering on the Little Giant ladder in our 2-story hallway).
  5. I want to complete my journal.
  6. I will complete a photo-a-day challenge (I'm thinking about this one).
  7. Completely get rid of things that I think I'll use "someday."  That day isn't coming any time soon and until then, this shit that lays around my house is toxic to my spirit (deep, aren't I?).
  8. I want to have a complete weekend away with Husband.  That means we leave on a Friday and return on a Sunday.  This is also going to require some help as I am not allowed to leave Dog in charge.
I am the only person who can complete most of these least complete the planning and implementation, so it's up to me.

What is YOUR word?