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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday's Things

I never know what to write about on Thursdays b/c it's after two nights of tutoring and I'm spent, so here is a little ditty I just made up:

  • I have a bunch of wonton wrapper left over from Christmas.
  • I had taco meat from Monday night.
  • I put the taco meat in the wonton wrapper with some cheese.
  • I baked it for 7 minutes at 350 degrees.
  • I burned the shit out of my mouth trying to see if it was delicious.
  • It was.
  • I believe a lot of leftovers could be put into a wonton wrapper and made delicious.
  • You should try it.
  • It's been like living in Antarctica here this week.
  • I love my sweaters.
  • I am very lucky to have warm clothes.
  • My heart broke last night as I lay in bed thinking of people who had to sleep outside last night.
  • She spent part of yesterday morning pushing her stroller around.
  • I had to get a pan out of the cabinet to make breakfast.
  • She literally runs into me with the stroller.
  • "Hailey, can you wait a minute?  I'm trying to get something out of here."
  • "Well, your big old butt is in the WAY!"
  • What the what?
  • When I tried to explain that saying something like that was rude, she responded with, "well, you DO have a big old butt."
  • And I thought she'd never talk...
  • Was awake the other night when Husband went to check on him at 10:20.
  • He said the ambulance scared him (went down our street with lights, no siren).
  • We have no idea what time he actually went to sleep.
  • This isn't good as this kid needs his sleep!
  • He told Hailey she could wash her hands first the other night because "you're my sister and I love you and you're da bomb."
  • He's so fly.
  • Tree is down.
  • Toys are somewhat reorganized.
  • Floors are dirty.
  • Outside decorations are still up.
  • Our neighbors are probably ready to kill us.
  • The plan is to take them down this weekend, but I really don't wanna (whine).
  • The heat has been on nearly non-stop.
  • Strength yoga yesterday...class was crowded.
  • Spin today...class will be ridiculously crowded...need to get there early to get my favorite bike between two fans that keep me from literally keeling over on the bike.
  • I hate the gym in January...everyone is so motivated and annoying.
  • They'll be gone by March.
  • That's not very encouraging, is it?  Oh well...I've seen it happen for years.
 What's up with you guys?