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Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

Inspiration for this verbal vomit

  • Whoever put child care in our grocery store is a freaking genius.  This morning, I was able to walk around, finish my list, cross things off (without my pen being stolen), and have a short conversation with Sister.  Life is good.  I was even "allowed" to take my groceries out to the car and unload them sans Crazies. was amazing.

  • Then we went to the library to get some new books.  I had a time limit b/c I kept telling them the ice cream would melt in the car.  Apparently this led to them thinking they'd be getting ice cream.  They are delusional.

  • I stocked up on goodies for snacks today.  I have been so bored with the snacks that I've been getting the Crazies that I was out of my mind.  So, I contacted my good friend, Pinterest, and came up with some new ideas.  Pinterest rocks...follow me if you're so inclined!  I bought oyster crackers, fruit strips (natural, not roll-ups...those gross me out), graham cracker sticks, cottage cheese cups, pudding (Kozy Shack is awesome, right?), veggies to cut up, GoGo Squeeze applesauce (best.invention.ever), and some other shit that I can't remember yet.  It'll take some time to prepare, but I will have a variety of healthy snacks, dammit!

  • Did anyone watch Grey's Anatomy last night?  DAMN, right???

  • I love this post about what to say and what not to say to it!

  • I totally forgot the dog groomer was coming this morning.  There was dog shit all over the lawn, my hair was still wet (at least I had makeup on!), and the house was a farking mess.  Upon seeing her van, I stumbled out in my socks (with my wet hair) and furiously started cleaning up dog shit...who am I? 

  • I feel kinda bad sometimes that Matt's toys are so big.  Hailey's are virtually nonexistent b/c they're these miniscule Polly things and whatnot.  It's no wonder she tries to play with his toys all the time...she probably can't find hers!

  • Hailey sleeps with 8000 stuffies and 8 million books.  There are nights that she literally falls asleep with a book in her hand.  Do I squash this?  Do I remove all books from her room?  It's not a good thing to sleep with hard books.  It's not a good thing to roll over onto "pals" over and over.  We've talked to her.  We've cut it back.  We've set limits.  She's just not getting it (but it's kind of cute and adorable, so kill me now...I'm a softie).  What do you guys do about this?

  • I put my groceries on the stove to make sure that I'd put them all away before dinner.  Now I want to order out!  I suck...

  • Have a nice weekend, you lovely freaks...

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