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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

This is Why Teenagers Think Their Parents are So Stupid

I put a status on FB last read something like this:

"I think I need a storage bin labeled "toys I hate and really want to throw away, but can't due to enormous guilt or fear that a colossal meltdown will occur." Anyone else need that??"

This status was in response to the multitude of annoying toys and toy parts that I keep finding around my house.  There was a time where I could keep everything straight, but I have no idea where this tiny little plastic piece (that Matt claims he "has to have") goes.  I have no idea which doll owns this tiny little hair clip.  Yet, I keep stepping on them, over them, around's getting on my nerves.

Some of the answers I got were sympathetic.  Yes, we're all having this problem.

And then I got some solutions.

The number one most popular solution was "throw it away and lie to your children."

So, when I woke up this morning and kept thinking about the responses, I realized that THIS is why teenagers think their parents are totally stupid!  Do you remember thinking that your parents were dumb and knew nothing?*  

If someone you loved and respected lied to you for years upon end and told you they "didn't know" what happened to your beloved blue lego.  Or that they had "no idea" what happened to your purple crayon, you'd start to question their intelligence too!

You'd also start to think they were useless and stop asking them questions (I could see this coming in handy).

Some other solutions were:
  • Keep a bin in the closet and explain to your kids that you're giving this toy away to a child that will play with it more (monthly basis, I think).
  • Turn that toy backwards on a shelf and if it hasn't been touched in a month, it goes (I really like this one if I could ever get a toy on the damn shelf!).
  • Do it while they're sleeping...the meltdowns will happen anyway.
  • Tell them you have no idea where their "xyz" is and that they need to keep better track of their toys (I like this one b/c it might mean less cleaning up for me if they think their toys are disappearing b/c they're not putting them away).
Anyway, I'm not sure which route I'll take at this point, but I just love the fact that I'm not the only mother in the world who has lies pouring out of her mouth on a routine basis.  I know there are some people out there who believe that honesty is the best policy, but I have delicate feet...and they're being injured on a daily basis...and I just don't deserve this kind of torture!

*  Mom, I never thought this, but I knew other kids that did.