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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Talking on a Tuesday

We had a FIRST this weekend...Husband and Matt crossed streams.
It was Matt's idea.
Husband was already going and Matt just pulled up to the bar.
He couldn't do it though.  
He got total stage fright.
Then he said, "can you put that thing away?"
I lost my shit b/c I thought he was talking about the "one eyed monster" and that he was intimidated or something...turns out, he was talking about Husband's belt buckle.
Very intimidating.


As I was getting ready to watch the Giants/Packers game, I pulled out my computer to see if anyone was talking shit on FB.
Hailey takes one look at me and says (in a completely horrified voice), "Hey Mom!  You can't watch the TV and your computer at the same time!!!!"
It's like she doesn't know me at all.


I bought a box-o-wine last week.
Don't judge me...
It was $15.99 for four bottles worth of wine.
I like wine...I like
Plus, if you haven't heard, boxed wines are getting pretty damn good.
Anyway, the first time I opened it, I guess I didn't exactly close the tap correctly and it leaked all over the shelf.
I was pissed.
Not as pissed as if it had been in a bottle, but still pissed.
I'm showing Husband tonight and he says, "it looks like your box drank the wine that leaked."
To which I quickly retorted with, "my box is drunk."
I wish I could say it's the first time my box has been drunk.