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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Times, They Are A Changing...

Yup, that's blog tastes are changing.

I know...this is riveting news.

I am no longer intrigued by twin blogs trying to siphon every little bit of knowledge I can, but my tastes are changing.

I'm pretty sure we can blame Pinterest for this.

Do you KNOW how many pretty houses there are out there?

Or pretty outfits?

Or pretty rooms?

Or pretty cakes?

Yes, I'm distracted by bright and shiny things.  Who isn't?

So, I did a "Reader Purge."  I went through all of the blogs in my reader one day and decided to get rid of the blogs that don't interest me anymore.

It was shocking how many there were.

I spent at least 10 minutes "unsubscribing" to blogs.

There was a lot of thought involved.  Some might even call it research.  I'd call it clicking on the blog to see if I even remembered what it was about and making my call from there.

After it was all done, I felt pretty good.  I was renewed.  I could concentrate on what I wanted to and all of the other "noise" was gone.

Except when I came back the next day, they were all back!  

I'm defeated.

Oh, and did you know that Google Friend Connect is going away?  I have no idea what this means, but I do know that it's not good.  Somehow I have to figure out which blogs I'm following through Google Friend Connect and follow them through RSS Feed instead.

Which kind of sounds like performing brain surgery at this point.

Do you guys ever do this?  Trim the fat, so to speak?  It is just getting a bit overwhelming and I want to get rid of certain blogs, but they're not going away.  They're like cockroaches (with great and creative ideas...nice cockroaches that just don't hold my attention anymore).

Oh, and I'm over here today too...head over and leave me a comment.  I'll love you forever!