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Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Awakening

Things I haven't done in a while thanks to this shitass stomach virus:

  1. Opened my laptop (Wednesday night for tutoring).
  2. Had a cup of coffee (Wednesday morning).
  3. Eaten a full meal (Wednesday morning).
  4. Properly taken care of my children (Wednesday afternoon).
  5. Come downstairs for more than half an hour (Thursday morning and it wasn't enjoyable at all as I was forced to watch Cars 2, but I did get a cuddle with Matt even though he didn't want to).
  6. Had a glass of wine (Tuesday night).
  7. Put on makeup (Wednesday morning...if you've been following for a while, this is a crazy big deal).
  8. Dried my hair (Wednesday morning...I currently resemble Medusa, but at least I've showered).
  9. Kissed Husband (Wednesday morning).
  10. Thought about sushi without dry heaving (Tuesday night...also a really big deal).
  11. Prepared a meal for anyone (Wednesday at lunch.  I can't say I really missed this aspect of life...just saying).
  12. Went outside (Wednesday night...aside from briefly sticking my Medusa-esque head out the back door yesterday to yell at Matt for throwing dirt at Hailey).
  13. Applied deodorant (Wednesday afternoon...seriously, why bother at this point).
  14. Participated in meals, activities, baths, or discipline for the Crazies (let's face it...some of this has been a little nice, but it is really wearing on Husband.  They haven't made things easy).
  15. Returned an email (Wednesday night...until this morning).
Things for which I am thankful:

  1. Husband (seriously, he did everything...ballet class, haircut, tae kwon do, library, grocery shopping, meals, baths, bedtimes, tried to feed me and keep me hydrated...he rocks).
  2. Never having seen the Kardashian in NY show (without it, I would have been completely bored...TV sucks...that show sucks too, but it was new).
  3. The Crazies coming up to check on me every now and then (it made me feel loved...what can I say?).
  4. The ability to sit upright (currently's a big deal).
  5. The fact that this is the first time since having the Crazies that I've been completely knocked out.
  6. TV.
  7. Puzzles (for the Crazies).
Things that kind of suck still:
  1. Matt threw up last night right before dinner and still doesn't feel well.  He hasn't had the crapping part of this virus, so I'm hoping that was it.  I have high hope, don't I?
  2. Husband started feeling like shit last night.
  3. Hailey is extra whiny and is pretending to be sick too, so whenever we take care of Matt, she gets all whiny and annoying and it's driving me fucking crazy (I'm currently trying to talk her out of turning the TV off b/c she wants to play with Matt...who is laying on the couch like a beached whale and looks nothing like a kid who's going to play with her).
  4. I'm not 100%, but I gotta "man up" and take over parental control.
  5. The very real possibility of no preschool tomorrow...ugh.

Yes, I'm bitching.
Yes, life could be worse.

Yes, we're coming out of this.

Yes, this is the first time we've all been knocked out by a virus.

No, I'm not a good patient.

No, I never drink enough.

No, I'm not a patient "sick mother."  I know some people love this shit, but I can't stand it.  I love my independent kids.

No, I'm not looking for sympathy.

Yes, I know people say I'll miss this one day, but I seriously doubt it.

Farewell for now...wish me luck.