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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Photo-a-day (day one)

So, I'm going to try this on a daily basis...we'll see how it goes!

Day One - Celebrity You Love - Shemar Moore

It's easy because he's gorgeous, has a great smile, and looks nothing like Husband, so there's no competition.  Ya know...because I'm sure there would be competition otherwise, right?  RIGHT???  He's a hottie (yes, I'm 13 years old...whatevs).

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Way Back When-esday

Do you SEE the look that Hailey is giving me in this picture?  Like "how dare you interrupt our time playing in the toy box?"  That girl is a piece of work.  She loved this hat, by the way...I hope it turns up sometime because I'd love to keep it forever and ever.  Oh, and please don't miss Matt's little rubberband arms.  I love those fat little baby arms!!!

Thanks to Cheryl for making me dig this one out!

This starts today too!!!  Are you doing it!?!  First post is this can steal images from the internet if you want (b/c seriously...what are the odds that  you're going to run into your celebrity crush in the next few days), but please make sure to give credit where credit is due!