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Saturday, February 4, 2012

February's Photo-a-Day (day four)

So, today is FURNITURE I LOVE...I'm taking this as piece of furniture I love.

I can interpret it any way I want b/c I made this whole thing up, right?

Yeah...that's what I thought.

So, here it is:


I chose my chair.  Yes, MY chair.  
This chair was bought for the Crazies bedroom originally.  The soft tufted arms were chosen thinking about the little baby heads that would be resting against them during those late night nursing sessions.  

The soft tufted back really came in handy when I was 38.5 weeks pregnant and just needed a place to sit down after I showered (because that was fucking exhausting, people).

The reclining footstool was chosen in case one of us wanted to sleep in the Crazies room in case they were sick or something (little did we know that Husband would do it many nights because Matt just couldn't sleep...and he loved every single minute).

The color was chosen thinking that when we were done with it in their room, it would look work in other rooms of our house.

When we moved it out of their room, it was quickly replaced with huge plastic toys that were much more fun for the Crazies than a stuffy old chair.

It became my refuge.  I spend every naptime in this chair.  I spent weeks in this chair recovering from knee surgery last year.  I spend mornings here with my coffee and my favorite blogs.  I seriously get jealous when someone else sits there (although, not so much when it's one of my parents).

I have since learned that the head tuft is highly uncomfortable for one who suffers from chronic neck pain.  It seriously pushes my head forward, but I deal with it.  I'm tough like that.

The Crazies love to take the handle, recline the back, and use the handle as a ladder rung to climb up and read.  It easily fits one of us and both of them (which is totally awesome).

I adore this chair.  I love it.  I would be sad if anything happened to it.  It's part of our family and I'm not ashamed to say so.

What's your favorite piece of furniture?  Take a picture and link up!

Oh, and are you fucking KIDDING ME with this commercial!?!?!  I want to barf:

February's Photo-A-Day (day 3 - celebrity I love to hate)

Let's not every get into her hair.
Can't do a thing with it.
So fucking perfect (OMG...I'm caving to my love for her hair).
The girl started the braid lame (or incredible).

I mean seriously...who in their 20s can pull off a broach?
Oh, LC...that's who, right?
Because she's awesome and perfect and can manipulate liquid eyeliner into liquid magic?