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Monday, February 6, 2012

February's Photo-a-Day (day 6)

Day Six - Shirt(s) I love:

Because who could choose just one?
1.  Giants jersey...shocker.
2.  Love this jacket and have totally chickened out wearing it with that shirt, but I really really want to.  The whole mixed patterns thing scares me a little bit, but I think it works.  What do you think?
3.  I wore this sparkly little number the Valentine's Day after the Crazies were born.  It was our first night out and I felt pretty daring...or tired...I can't remember.
4.  This one is a new addition.  I like it b/c it's blousy near the tummy area and the pattern is kind as well.  I also think it could go from Winter to Spring pretty easily.

What about you?  Wanna show me yours?

Makes My Monday

Thanks to Cheryl for making Mondays rock (kind of).

A pair of best friends plotting something deliciously fun.

A boy whose enthusiasm and courage knows no bounds.

A girl who still needs her Daddy's help now and then.

Delicious football cupcakes.

Oh, and how could I forget to mention this???