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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February's photo-a-day (day 8 - el switcheroo)

Yes, I screwed up today's picture and yesterday's...sue me! anyone cares!

I'd like to thank the wonderful Pinterest for giving me these delectable pictures of the 



Source: via Ina on Pinterest

Source: via Melanie on Pinterest

Source: via lily on Pinterest


Now, show me yours...what's the food that you LOVE?

It's never too late to join in!

Say What Wednesday...the Hailey Edition

This girl has been hysterical lately:

  • "I don't wanna go to dance class...I'll be all tired OUT!"  She went.
  • "Mommy, today I want white pancakes...not the crunchy ones you made yesterday.  You'll do your best, right Mama?"  Yes, maybe I left the pancakes on a bit too long, but seriously...does she need to remember that and offer her constructive criticism??
  • "I don't wanna eat my strawberries!  They STINK!!!", they don't.
  • "Are you sure that food is gonna be good for me?"  She was talking about her fruit.
  • We were driving home from our pool party on Sunday and somehow we got on the subject of peeing in the pool.  Hailey proudly says, "Well, I peed in the pool today!"  When I reminded her that you're not supposed to pee in the pool, she reminded me that it "feels really good."  Nice, Hailey...nice.
  • The Crazies were tackling Daddy the other night and Hailey was already piled on when Matt started making a run for it.  Hailey screams, "DADDY!  THERE'S ANOTHER ONE COMING!!!"  That's what I get for saying things like "where's the other one?" when I'm looking for them.
  • "I think my poop is going to be salad."  Ummm...I think what you mean here is "solid."  Your poop is going to be solid.  She was a little traumatized by her stomach issues last week when her "butt was peeing."
  • Hailey dislikes fruit.  She doesn't like to eat it and she is unhappy when it's on her plate.  She knows though that in order to get down or sometimes get a "special treat," she has to eat some fruit.  So, she'll pop something in her mouth and hold it there for 20-30 minutes.  This girl is STUBBORN!  The other day, she had a grape in her cheek for 15 minutes when I told her to just chew it up and eat it.  She innocently looks at me and says, "Nah...I'm just gonna wait here until it goes away."  Newsflash:  that isn't going to happen!!
  • After dinner one night, the Crazies were running around the living room.  All of the sudden, Hailey pulls her pants halfway down her tush, grabs her tush-cheeks, and starts moving them around saying "Look!  My Honey is talking to you!!!"
  • Whenever she makes a mistake or a strange decision and realizes that she did so, she'll smack her forehead and say, "What I was thinking???"  Not "what was I thinking?"  "What I was thinking?"  It's adorable.
  • "Good night Mommy...I like you and I love you and I'm gonna read to my pals now, okay?"
 And then there's this demented little story:

Oh, and the fact that she can write her name:

I love this girl!