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Thursday, February 9, 2012

February's Photo-a-Day (day nine)

Day of the Year I love...shocker, it's my birthday!

I love love love my birthday!

Gawd, I'm going to be 38 years old this year (I'm so old)!!!

Come along!!

A Huge Thank You

One day last week, the Crazies and I drove to the craft store.  It was during rush hour because, even though I tried my best, Matt slept longer than expected.

They were relatively well behaved at the craft store.  They realized that they were there to buy birthday presents for their friends.  They helped me choose what they thought their friends wanted.  

The one little hitch was when we were leaving, I forgot to put their jackets on and it was suddenly freezing.  Upon arriving at the car, I jostled the cart and Hailey hit her lip on the side.  She wailed for a bit, but was more interested in getting in the warm car and away from the wind.

We trudged home through rush hour traffic again and I can't remember what was said or who said it, but it made me laugh right out loud.

Hailey says, "Mom, why you laugh?"
I say, "Because you guys make me so happy."
Hailey say, "You're welcome, Mom."

And she's so right.  What I should have been saying was a Huge Thank You for all that they give me every single day.  They make me laugh right out loud every single day and I don't think everyone has that in their life.  I'm so lucky and for that, I am thankful.

I am thankful that the Crazies play together and have tons of fun in their made-up world.
I am thankful that the Crazies get my jokes.
I am thankful that the Crazies have a sense of humor.
I am thankful that they are so smart.
I am thankful that I get to spend these years with them.
I am thankful that out of all of that infertility crap, I got two incredible children.
I am thankful that they love me and their Daddy without bounds.
I am thankful that their happiness and laughter fills my bucket every single day.

I'm not saying it's all rainbows and unicorns.  It's really hard some days.  What I'm saying is that for as much as I give to them, they are giving me something back. 

I believe there are some parents out there who are too busy, sleep deprived, or depressed to see what happiness lives in their house.  I feel for them.  They don't know what they're missing.

I am thankful that I see what is right in front of me and appreciate it for what it is.

So, a Huge Thank You to the Crazies...I love you guys.