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Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers - the "you don't know how good you have it" Edition

Head over and visit Miss Danifred in her new baby-ness.

  • We had a big surprise for the Crazies today...we've been planning it for months.  Husband took off work and we were all ready to see Disney on Ice.
  • They had no idea.
  • We've been building it up all week.
  • Hailey thought they were getting new markers and Matt thought it was going to be new eyes...I have no idea where he came up with that.  He's weird sometimes, but I love his imagination.
  • So, everyone was snuggled snug in their beds last night.
  • Around 10:30, I started burping (or something resembling didn't sound human).  That may not seem like a big deal to some of you gassy folks, but I don't burp.  Like ever.  It was a horrible feeling.
  • Around midnight, I was still awake dealing with my "burps" when I told myself to get up and try to use the bathroom.
  • Upon doing so, I violently threw up 8-9 times.
  • It wasn't pretty.
  • I was crying...I hate puking.
  • I heard Husband awake trying to figure out where the hacking noises were coming from.  I doubt he thought they'd be coming from his lovely bride, but there I was...a pukey, snotty, mess in front of the toilet.
  • He did what he could, but really...what can anyone do at that moment?  Just go away and let me get my shit back together with a bit of dignity...thanks.
  • I promptly fell to sleep hoping that the dinner I made (shrimp, broccoli, and rice...sounds good, right?  Until it comes back up) hadn't poisoned my entire family.  When you suddenly get sick like that, you almost hope for food poisoning b/c at least there's an answer at that point.  A stomach virus is not good news for my family (who just got over one last freaking week).
  • I woke up again around 2 AM.  Tried to fight the inevitable and finally puked a few more times around 2:30.
  • Things weren't looking good for Disney on Ice (morning show, BTW...awesome).
  • Husband's alarm mistakenly sounded at 5:20 AM.  
  • Mine went off at 6:00.
  • Things were not looking good.
  • I eventually got up and had a few other issues that I will not be discussing here (OMG...I DO have some decorum...go me!).
  • I took a shower.
  • I ate some oyster crackers and decided that I wanted to go.  I didn't want to miss the looks on their faces, helping Husband, and participating in general.
  • I rallied.
  • I'm glad I was a madhouse.
  • The show was awesome.  My two favorite moments were when Matt saw Jessie from Toy Story and when Hailey saw Mulan (her new favorite princess).  They were so psyched.
  • After every act, Hailey would turn to me and say, "It's not over, right Mom?  Da movie's not over yet?"
  • We came home, ate a late lunch, went down late for naps.  I passed out while Husband did the grocery shopping (love that man).
  • Hailey got up on time, took a crap, and went downstairs for her snack.
  • Matt did not get up on time, had a freaking fit from Hell when we tried to get him out of bed, and absolutely refused to get into his gi for Tae Kwon Do.
  • Re-fucking-fused.
  • He was snotting and drooling all over his bed, rolling around, kicking, and screaming.
  • Then, when Husband and Hailey were about to leave, he freaked even more.  He was completely nonverbal at this point though, so we had no clue what he wanted.  I tried to get him in his gi at this point thinking that he suddenly wanted to go and he freaked EVEN MORE (if that's possible).
  • So, they left.
  • I tried to talk to him about whether or not he wanted to do Tae Kwon Do anymore (because it's freaking expensive and if he's going to pull this shit, we're not going to pay for it).  He couldn't really answer b/c he's 3 and a half...what was I thinking?  Rational conversation with a toddler doesn't happen often around here.
  • Here's the most annoying part though...I was sick and went to their event today.  Husband was short on hours b/c of last week's sickness, but still took off to go to Disney on Ice today.  We work our asses off so that we can do things and give them opportunities and they don't even know how good they've got it!  They have no effing clue and that's really annoying.  
  • Here's the other annoying thing...they're not supposed to know how good they have it.  They're just supposed to know that they're loved and supported no matter what, right?  
  • It's just hard though.
  • I'm annoyed.
  • I don't really want to be nice to him right now.
  • I don't want to cut his apples and put on Bob the Builder.
  • I am upset.
  • On the other hand, I know he's THREE.  He had a long morning and without his proper amount of sleep, he is a bear.  His pullup was dry after naps too...he could be dehydrated.  He didn't really eat well today and that always effects his moods.  It's just so hard to keep this kid balanced sometimes.
  • I love him though...I love the way he's smiling at the builders on Bob the Builder right now, how he's getting all close to the television to see what they're doing, how he'll be nice to Hailey when she gets back, and how he just ate one bite out of each of the apple slices I prepared...God forbid he eats the skin.  Maybe he just needed to decompress.  Maybe he doesn't really like TKD.  Maybe he was just tired and threw a hissy fit.
  • I just don't know if they'll ever really know how good they have it.
Sorry to vent...between The Sick reentering our house and all of these shenanigans, I just had to get it out.  Thanks, friends...I know you all get it.