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Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Photo-a-Day (day twelve)

Is there anyone else out there that is surprised that I've done this on time almost every single day?  

In my defense, I have had two stomach viruses.

Anyway, today is Animal You Love.

Dog is my animal.  She's probably the animal for which I've been the most responsible in my entire life.

Yes, some days she's a pain in the ass.

Yes, some days she's just another mouth to feed.

Yes, some days she's just another reminder of all that I didn't get done (i.e. she never gets regular walks anymore).

But some days she's just happy to see me.

Some days her click-y little paws on the back door b/c I'm taking too long to let her in for her dinner kind of make me laugh.

Some days, when I watch her with the Crazies, she melts my heart.  

For that, Brie is the Animal I Love.

Show me yours:

Cawfee Tawk X

These are questions I'd ask you if we were sitting down having a cup of coffee together.
If you'd like to blog along, just leave a comment with your link.
It would be nice to really have coffee, but maybe virtually will work for today.

The questions:

  1. What was your first concert?
  2. Do you know if Instagram has a way that I can actually purchase the pictures?
  3. What part of your body is always cold in the Winter?
  4. What are you doing today?
  5. Any plans for V-day?
  6. Who is the next celebrity that will take a nosedive because of drugs?
  7. Do you work out on the weekends?

The answers:
  1. What was your first concert?  So, I'm seeing everyone on FB say that Whitney Houston was their first concert and I'm having concert envy.  I WISH my first concert was Whitney, but you know who it really was???  Richard Freaking Marx (with Wilson Phillips opening, of course)!!!!  How LAME!!!  I seriously hope that Hailey has better taste in teen heartthrobs than I did!
  2. Do you know if Instagram has a way that I can actually purchase the pictures?  Seriously...I have taken some good pictures with my instagram and would love to frame some of them.  I've seen some little teeny tiny magnets that I could make, but anything else?
  3. What part of your body is always cold in the Winter?  My feet are always cold, but I refuse to wear slippers b/c they make me trip and the last thing I need is to go careening down a flight of stairs. 
  4. What are you doing today?  Right now, blogging.  I'll probably make breakfast for the Crazies (even though Husband gave them outrageously big morning snacks).  We have a bowling birthday party and possible a trip to the mall (gotta get a link taken out of my new watch, return a pair of PJs that shrunk, get Matt a news Cars 2 book b/c he ruined the first one, and maybe get Hailey a princess pal b/c she is obsessing over one she saw at Disney on Ice the other day).
  5. Any plans for V-day?  On the actual day, no.  I might do some cutesy things for the Crazies, but I'm not going insane.  I should start calling it "pinsane" because this pinterest craze is making people do things they'd never do in a million years.  They're making heart shaped cake pops with red and pink swirled icing and I'm talking about adding red food coloring to the Crazies' pancakes...go me!   We are going for a joint Valentine's Day/my birthday dinner on Sunday night though...yeah, Volt!!!
  6. Who is the next celebrity that will take a nosedive because of drugs?  This may sound horrible, but I'm pretty sure that Justin Beiber is going to make a go of it with prescription me horrible, but I see it happening.
  7. Do you work out on the weekends?  No, I used to, but I just enjoy being home with the fam most weekend mornings.  I really need to incorporate one more class to my weekly routine to start losing weight (rather than just maintaining), but I'll work on it during the week.  My weekends have become cherished.