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Monday, February 13, 2012

February photo-a-day (day thirteen)

Holy shit!!!  I've made it thirteen days on a photo challenge...this is fucking amazing.

Yes, maybe I missed a few, but I was sick, right?  I didn't outright skip them or something CRAZY like that!

Anyway, I'm proud of myself.

So proud that I'd like to introduce you to the Bag I Love...Sabrina.

My first Coach bag (well, my first big one) was named Stella so that I could bellow "STELLAAAAAA!!!" across the house Stallone-style.  It worked for a long time.  I love that bag.

I have no idea why I chose Sabrina for this one, but now that I think of it, it reminds me of Sabrina The Teenage Witch.  It's fitting because this bag is reversible...yes, the old switcheroo!

Ya know...because witches can transform and shit. know what I mean.

So, here she is...SABRINA!!!

Yes, I'm a Coach Whore...sue me.

Show me yours!

Makes My Monday - Realizations

Thanks to Cheryl for hostessing!

Realization that this kid just can't skip his nap yet.
Total meltdown about Tae Kwon Do on Friday (after seeing Disney on Ice in the morning).
Total meltdown at a birthday party on Sunday.
The kid just needs his sleep.
I'll cherish this picture b/c he's sleeping with all of his loves...Mickey, Louie, and his polka dot blanket.
Oh, and because he's quiet (LOL)!

Realization that I can make beef with snow's just not all for the Pioneer Woman (delicious, BTW)!

Realization that a freshly made bed is just heavenly. 
I should make my bed more often!

Realization that at only 3.5 years old, I can be given this look
After the meltdown at the birthday party, Hailey and I dropped Daddy and Matt at home and proceeded to the mall.
To watch this girl tromp through the mall like a trooper, think about what Matt would want at the Disney store, and tell me that the diamonds at Macy's "just aren't big enough" was awesome.