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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

Thanks Danifred!

  • OMG...three and a half is fucking KILLING ME!!!!
    I just had to get that out.
    And now my bullet points aren't showing up...WTF?

    We got Matt to Tae Kwon Do tonight.  He sat down on the floor and told me that he wasn't going to go on the mat.
    The Master come out, I gave him a "so-so" hand wave and he said, "get him out there...he'll be fine."
    I love when people are tough on my kids.
    Matt kept yawning like a teenager with mono...serious full-on open mouthed yawns.
    Then he looks over at me and says (right out loud), "I don't feel well...this is tiring me out...I need to get outta dis place."
    I couldn't help but laugh.

    At the end of the class, the students need to line up to get their stripe on their belt and their hand stamp.
    I noticed that Hailey was doing "the dance."
    The Master told them to stop wiggling.
    Then I saw it...the puddle.
    I haven't moved so fast in weeks.  I immediately knew she peed...right on the mat of respect.
    There was no bowing for Hailey coming off the mat.
    She was soaked and there was a puddle in her now vacant space.
    I took her to the bathroom, but it was too late.
    She kept apologizing.
    We went home to change her before "Parerra" and reviewed what to do next time.
    Then she says, "thanks for not yelling at me about my accident, Mom."
    Yes...mother of the year is all wrapped up.

    Matt's tantrums have reached epic proportions.
    It's ugly.

    One day this week, I was yelling at The Crazies to come down for lunch.
    They were ignoring me.
    They were building a palace on Matt's bed.  The door was closed.  I was not invited to the party.
    So, I'm giving warnings and bellowing for a few minutes until I realized something...
    Why was I trying so hard for them to come down when I could have a nice quiet lunch by myself???
    They were playing nicely.
    They weren't destroying anything.
    They were QUIET!
    Why was I working so hard?
    So, I ate lunch by myself and they came down when they were ready.
    Seriously...mother of the year is all wrapped up.


February photo-a-day (day sixteen and seventeen)

1.  Olay Definity tinted moisturizer - so much easier than foundation!
2.  Full 'N Soft Masacara - Very Black
3.  Estee Lauder Lip Color - Tiger Eye (because I'm a cougar now, right?)

Day Seventeen - Drink I Love
Yes, I may drink pinot grigio on a regular basis, but I love a Bahama Mama when I'm on vacation.
1.  A picture of me with a Bahama Mama.
2.  What could happen as a result of drinking a Bahama Mama with lunch...poor, unsuspecting Christmas ornaments.