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Monday, February 20, 2012

February's photo-a-day (I am so freaking behind...)

Okay, this is just getting embarrassing!

I'm so far behind on this "challenge."  I'd say "challenge FAILED," but I do intend to finish!!

So, here we go:

Day Eighteen - I love my engagement ring more than any other piece of jewelry I have.  I love the emerald cut.  I love that I tried this design on in Tiffany's first (then had it redesigned where it wouldn't cost $21,000).  I love the night that Husband gave it to me and asked me to be his wife (my 30th birthday...surprise party).  I just love it.

I also love my wedding band.  That sucker cost $160 and I was fine with it because we had just bought our house...priorities, people!

Day Nineteen - I love this stuff.  I can't even remember how I found it, but I'm pretty sure I grabbed it because I thought the label was pretty.  It smells like lemons, it all natural, and cleans everything from windows to the stove top.  We bought it in bulk from Ama.zon because we're total losers that try to only go to Target once every 2 months (because seriously...I drop $100 every single time I got in there and can't account for it to save my life).

Day Twenty - Love these girls...they are my College Friends...enough said.

Okay, I'm all caught OCD is now in check.

Thanks to those of you who are playing along.  I love you girls!

Makes My Monday - Date Night and Girls' Day

Thanks to of my favorite twin book EVER!!!
Look how tall I appear in the photo to the left.  This is what I do to see if an outfit looks as good on me as I believe it does.  Don't want any misconceptions, right?  (let's be honest here, my pants were a little
The photo on the right is one of my infamous self-portraits.  I've been doing this since I was like 10 years old and I still get a kick out of it!  I'm thinking new profile pic???

Husband and I getting ready to peel rubber out of the driveway!!!
Love this man!
We had such a delicious dinner...Kimchee, sweetbreads (my first time), pork shoulder, and some banana/coconut dessert...YUM!!!

We got up on Saturday all ready to head to the aquarium when Matt said that he didn't want to go.
Knowing my son as I do, I wasn't about to push it, so the ladies took off for the day.
It was great.  Hailey was a trooper.  It was the first of many Girls' Days (and soon to be joined by Sister's little Nugget)!!!