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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wordful Wednesday

This picture was taken after a weekend with Daddy...the kid was SOBBING because Daddy deigned to go to work.
Oh, and he could have cared less that I was around...he was actually pissed off that I was around. kid is killing me lately.

Absolutely killing me!

I'm a tough cookie.  Nothing that a 3.5 year old kids says really bothers me, but I could see how it could get to someone after some time (especially you weaklings who get their feelings hurt every other second...LOL).

Phrases I'm sick of hearing around my house:
  • "I don't want you MOMMY!"
  • "I want Daddy!"
  • "DaddyDaddyDaddyDaddy..."
  • "Where's Daddy?"
  • "I want my Daddy...sob, sniffle, whimper."
  • "Stupid poop."
  • "Stupid."
  • "Poopy."
  • "I don't want Daddy to be at work!!!  I want YOU to be at work!!!"
I'm over it, people.  

Here's the thing, I know that developmentally, this is normal behavior.  I know there comes a time in every child's life where he/she will gravitate to one parent or the other.  I know that he is currently OBSESSED with anything Daddy.  I know that, in his current set of eyes, I am crap.

I get that...he doesn't have to tell me every 2 seconds though!

The other day, he refused to go to the aquarium with me, Hailey, and GG.  Daddy wasn't going b/c he was going to wait for some dude to come around and talk about the trees we need trimmed.  He flat out refused to go (and Husband told him it was okay to go to Dunkin Donuts with us to get a donut, but that we'd drop him back off...WTF, Husband???).


It was easier without him and his tantrums, if I'm being honest.

When we got back, hours later, he says, "I wanna go to the aquarium now."  WTF???

We've also been having a bit of a phobic stretch too.  He thinks there is a green garbage truck that knocks the cans down.  He seems to think that it could get him, so not only does he obsess about it at night, but he hides in the corner, calls us in repeatedly, sleeps with his blankets over his head, and wakes in a sweaty tangled state of panic.  The only one who can talk him down is Daddy...ugh...

It's getting ridiculous.  I must stay strong though.  I am the sole behaviorist in the house for most of the hours as I spend the bulk of the day with the Crazies.  I am the one in charge of making sure that our house runs in an efficient manner.  I make sure that the Crazies know the expectations of our house and act accordingly.  That is my job...I get that (and I am so lucky that Husband backs me up 100% and steps right in when I'm at tutoring to accept only slightly less than I would).

It's just hard some days.  

So, I'm going to be as even-tempered as possible.  I'm going to take a bazillion deep breaths.  I'm going to use a calm tone of voice.  I'm going to be consistent in my punishments.  I'm going to state the rules as matter-of-factly as I can.  I'm going to keep him from hurting his sister (luckily, he still loves her and hasn't really lashed out toward her).  I'm going to do my best to avoid situations that would be bad for him and his entire fragile world in which he lives (i.e. skipping naps, going off routine, changing snacks, etc.).  I'm going to make sure that he knows that no matter what, I love him and I will protect him.

Because he needs me...and that's that.