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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sick Day

Sick eyes...sad lip.

Yes, we're having yet another sick day here at Casa de Crazy.  Matt has gotten Hailey's disgusting cough-y, snotty, unable to sleep through the night sickness and it's KILLING US!!!  

(oh, and I feel bad for him too)

We haven't slept through the night in a couple of weeks.  We didn't know how spoiled we'd become.

So, today we'll skip yoga.  We'll skip our errands.  We'll skip our whole routine (except getting dressed...he insisted on getting dressed probably because he sweat through his jammies all night long). 

We'll watch movies.  Eat "fruit salad."  Eat ice pops (if they finish their fruit salad).  We'll play games.  We'll just hang out.

Believe it or not, we rarely do that.  As you know, I'm a huge proponent of getting out every day, but I just think he needs a day...and there's nothing wrong with that.

It's days like this that make me wonder what I'll do when they get a bit older and these Sick Days are taking place on school days.  Will I make them go to school because it's of paramount importance?  Or will I give in and let them have a day to regroup?  While I want them to believe the school attendance is vital, I also want to give them what they need as children, rather than just academics.

Hmmmm...the things you ponder on a sick day.

The one thing that we will do today is make it to Matt's haircut appointment.  It was originally supposed to be on Friday, but I COMPLETELY FORGOT!!!  In case you don't know me very well, I never forget appointments, but I just did.  I guess between bringing Hailey to the doctor that morning and trying to get her stabilized, it just fell through the huge gaping crack in my brain!

I'm pretty sure that crack grows larger with every sleepless night.

Anyway, I'm sure there is plenty that I could get done around here, but I think I'll start with a shower...God knows I could use a shower.

It's raining today too.  Who doesn't want to play hooky on a rainy day?  It's the best!  The Crazies are snuggled up under blankets watching Tangled and life is pretty good.

Holy shit...this is a boring post.

I'll go now.  Hope you're all doing well...sorry for the lack of posting/commenting/participating in life in general.  I just can't wait until everyone is better and I can maintain our normal routine again.  I love routine.