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Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Sister still hasn't had her baby...if she doesn't go this week, they'll induce her next Monday.  I can't wait until NEXT FREAKING MONDAY!!!  Don't they know I can't wait that long???

  • A while back, we were having trouble with Matt using such phrases as "I'll kill you" and "I want to kill myself."  I wasn't really concerned b/c I know he doesn't really comprehend what he's saying, but it was getting most death threats do.  So, we had a little chat about the proper context for the word "kill."  Now I hear things like this around Casa de Crazy:
    • "Kill da beast."
    • "My head is killed."
    • "Mommy, does your back kill you?"
    • "Da grass will be killed if you don't move dat stuff."

  • I sent a picture of one of Matt's craps to Sister the other day.  I'm not proud of it.  It was a lowdown, dirty move, but someone had to bear witness to this shit (pun intended).  It was massive, so I've come to the following conclusion:  Children should not be allowed to create man-sized dumps until they can wipe their own asses!!!

  • So, I kind of have a crush on this dude from Mulan...I can't help myself:

  • I have a few Pinterest annoyances that I'd like to mention:
    • Pinning your own pictures (lame).
    • Pinning giveaways (like the Starbucks one that went around).
    • Updating all of your new pins to Facebook.
    • Really great ideas sent from blogs with multiple typos.  I like your ideas, but please run a damn spell-check!!!
    • That is all.

  •  Hailey was peeing before dinner tonight and she mentioned that we both had "bagynas."  Then she asked me what "they" had and I told her they had penises.  She promptly announces that she "loves penises."  I love the 3.5 year old mind.
  • We've officially frozen Matt's Tae Kwon Do account.  We're not fighting it anymore.  It's ridiculous.  I don't know what it is, but he doesn't want to go.  Husband keeps asking him "why," but there is no logic in his little brain...Matt's either...LOL.

  • I only got to the gym once this week.  The Sick is killing my workout schedule and I'm getting a bit resentful.

  • The Sick is also my reason for not receiving REM sleep for the past week.  It's getting ridiculous and it's also seemed to have kick started Matt's night terrors.  He wakes up in these squeaky little fits and can't figure out what he needs.  He is also afraid to cough, but really has to, so usually ends up coughing right in my face as I'm trying to understand what he's squeaking out of his mouth.  Then he starts crying when I try to leave.  Then he demands that I find his "gray, black, orange, and green legos" that he's strewn all over his bed as some sort of a toddler alarm system against the green garbage truck that he's convinced is after him.  It's literally mindnumbingly exhausting.

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