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Sunday, March 4, 2012

QOTW: Getting In Shape

Multiples and More Question of the Week:  What do you do to keep in shape while on a busy schedule?

Let's face it, as a SAHM, my schedule is more flexible than it would be if I were working.  I get that.  I also get that I'm terribly lucky that my gym has child care that I trust.

Here's my basic schedule:

Monday - Ball & Weights at the gym...a hellacious class that kicks my ass and makes it difficult to sit on the toilet, much less go up and down stairs.  I nearly threw up during my first class and yet I continue to go back.  I can't help myself...I love it.

Tuesday - This is my day.  Every other week, I get my nails done.  Other than that, it consists of running errands, catching up on housework, or making phone calls (because we all know that phone calls are just about impossible with The Crazies around).

Wednesday - Strength Yoga at the gym...this is the class in which I dislocated my patella (and subsequently had to have knee surgery with two-year old Crazies running around), but I continue to go back.  I love this class.  I love the instructor.  I love the way it makes me feel when I can go from a doing three slow tricep push-ups to a plank to a hover.  Just being able to be strong enough to do that makes me happy.  I can also mention that I do feel more centered after this class and it has done a lot for my flexibility.  I can do a front fold with my palms on the floor next to my feet.  That makes me happy and allows me to think that I'll live longer (although, I have no proof of that).

Thursday - Cycling at the gym...instructed by the same crazy lady as my Monday class and I love it too.  It totally kicks my ass and I SUCK at going fast, but it's a great cardio workout.  Even though I hate to sweat, I like to think of this as fat liquefying and pouring off my body.  Yes, I even have to talk myself into sweating.

Friday - Groceries.

I am trying to integrate a class or two on the weekends.  For example, since I lost two workout days this week due to Matt's Sick, I went to the gym for about 3 hours this morning.  I can assure you that I have  It wasn't horrible though.  Husband stayed home with The Crazies and I was able to concentrate on my workout.  I was too late for the cycling class, but I did my own balls & weights workout downstairs, did some leg weights to maintain the strength in my knee, and then made it to yoga (where there were 49 fucking people in the room)!!!

When the Crazies were young, I didn't feel comfortable leaving them in the childcare, so I'd go when Husband got home from work and he'd go after they went to bed.  It was horrible.  Neither of us were getting good workouts and it's a priority in our life.  Once they were a bit older, we changed our whole schedule.  Now, Husband goes to work at 6AM so he can leave early enough, go to the gym/run, and be home by dinner.  I go during the day.  It works for us.  It has to be a priority for us because we both have heart disease in our families...we're fighting that every step of the way.

Some people would say we're nuts for putting so much of an emphasis on working out, but we're okay with that.  It works for us.

So, what do you do to keep in shape with a busy schedule???