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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

So confused...

So, Kristen from A Little Something For Me enlightened me this morning at 6:35 AM.

That's not easy to do.

Apparently, I'm far behind the times with my little Google follower icon up there.

I had NO FREAKING IDEA that I was part of this Google Friend Connect upheaval.

I had NO FREAKING IDEA that I was no longer showing up for some people.

I had NO FREAKING IDEA that you couldn't follow me unless I was on Twitter or FB.  I guess we could subscribe in RSS, right?  So, I added that as soon as I stumbled downstairs this morning.

Then I did it...right there on my phone.  I hopped on the Twitter Train.


So, I have a twitter name (casadecrazies), but how do I connect it to my blog?  How do I get another FB page?  I could do it before they changed me to the damn timeline, but I can't figure out how to do it now.

Also, is this is a good time to completely redo my blog?  Is this a good time to start the blog that I wanted to start after the Crazies were born?  The one that chronicled our lives as Crazies rather than all of that infertility stuff that I'd like to leave behind?  After all, we're 3.5 years out's about damn time, right?

Should I hire someone to redo my blog?  Should I purchase my own domain name?  I'm thinking yes and yes.

I seriously don't think I could handle Wordpress with everything else.

Maybe I could ask for a new design/blog for my birthday, but who could do it?  I love so many blog designs out there and don't want to spend a fortune. 

Also, how do I reconnect with all of my long-gone followers?  I'll miss them!

OMG...head is spinning.  I gotta get this worked out.  I'll take any suggestions, ideas, or thoughts that you guys have.  Clearly, I need help!