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Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Night Leftovers

Thanks Danifred!

  • The Crazies are very weird.  Whenever we talk about doing something, especially if it's something physical, they start complaining about not wanting to be "tired out."  Then they look at me like I'm NUTS when I start screaming about how they're three and a half and have no idea what "tired out" looks like.  Then I mutter something about never getting a full night's sleep again and shuffle off to talk to a wall.

  • There are some days that the Crazies don't want to leave the all.  I'm not down with that.  I need to get the fuck out of the house and see other people and know that there is life outside of Casa de Crazies!  And they're giving me shit for it!  Granted, it has to be hard to get back in the saddle of almost a month of The Sick, but COME ON!!!

  • I'm so sick of people not having their image in their FB profile pictures.  How the hell am I supposed to know who you are???  Yes, your kids are cute, but after we become friends, I'll stalk all of your albums and tell you how cute your kids are.  Before that, I just want to make sure that you're the person I think you are!  Okay?  Thanks!

  • I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one who gives Dog water and I'm getting sick of it.

  • Matt has a new girlfriend.  Personally, I think she looks a little slutty, but he "loves her tummy" and "wants to touch it."  WTF???  Then, Hailey keeps giving him her Jasmine stickers and he's plastering them all over his bedside table!  WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND HERE???
  • The UPS guy dropped off a package today and told me "it's got some weight to it."  I nearly expected him to drop a "little lady," but I guess when I took it with one hand, he didn't need to do that.  I love being strong sometimes.

  • It's my birthday month.  Game on.

  • I'm obsessed with a movie that came out a few years ago...I don't know what is wrong with me.

  • Nugget is probably going to be here on Monday.  Sister is scheduled for induction on Sunday night, so we might see this little Nugget soon!!!  UPDATE:  She had an NST and some other shit today and they're inducing tomorrow!!!!!

You've Heard of Christmas in July, right?

I used to live in Ocean Grove, NJ and I loved it.  My dilapidated house was only 5 houses from the Atlantic Ocean and it was just lovely.  I could see the sunrise every morning on my way to work and walk along the boardwalk whenever I wanted.  

Now that I'm older and am totally landlocked, I realize that I never took full advantage of living in that little town.  One of the things that I missed all three years that I lived there was Christmas in July.  The houses (beautiful houses that were held to high standards given the Historical Society's guidelines) would pull out all of the Christmas decorations and go all out.  It makes sense...why waste all of that Christmas loveliness just once a year.  Why not do it twice?

I only discovered this the last year that I lived there.  It was gorgeous to walk in the humid night air, listen to the ocean, and see all of the houses lit up for Christmas in July.

So, you could imagine my surprise when Hailey tried to introduce a new trend...Halloween in January (and February, and now March).  The girl is obsessed.  She has not only chosen her Halloween costume three times now, she's also dismissed all of those ideas with complete disgust.

Here is her latest debate.  It's not that long as I know you all hate videos (as do I), but this one is special because it not only encompasses her new found disdain for being a princess for Halloween, but the art of speaking like an Italian (gotta love those hand movements).  You also get a little glimpse of Matt's girlfriend...yes, the kid has a total crush on someone.