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Monday, March 12, 2012

Makes My Monday

Thanks, Cheryl!

Sister had her BABY!!!!  That totally rocks out my Monday!  She is the cutest thing and this picture doesn't do her justice except for those roly-poly little cheeks!!!  She has long fingers and toes and is just beautiful (from what I hear).  I can't wait to go help out for a long weekend...only 1.5 weeks to wait!  I can do it, right???


Anyway, it was a long labor...longer than I liked as I was on FB early Sunday morning asking fellow mothers all about their labor experiences and how long is too long to push.  Yes, I have issues, but it's HARD to be so far away!  I was just worried and couldn't do anything.  It was driving me NUTS!

Then, all of the sudden, I got a text with a couple of pictures.  I burst out in tears from happiness and relief.  I happened to be sitting on Matt's bed and I'm pretty sure he thought I had lost my mind at that point. 

He looked at me like I usually look at him!

This little Nugget doesn't have an official name, but I'm sure whatever they pick will fit her perfectly.

Oh!  I just got permission to use this awesome photo too...doesn't she look so damn happy?!?!

This seriously makes my Monday.