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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Core Beliefs

  • I believe in no Band-aids unless you're actually bleeding.

  • I believe in saying please and thank-you.

  • I believe in being nice...unless, of course, you're a complete asshole.  Then I believe in taking a higher road and completely ignoring you.

  • I believe in quiet time.

  • I believe that it's okay to lose your temper as long as you recognize and apologize.

  • I believe in natural matter how difficult it is to stand by and watch.

  • I believe in accessorizing.

  • I believe in marriage.  Well, I believe in MY marriage.

  • I believe in getting a good education.

  • I believe in writing it all down.

  • I believe that getting your hands dirty is good for the soul.

  • I believe in kisses good-night.

  • I believe in a higher power even if I don't talk about it a lot or go to church...something is out there.

  • I believe that Spring renews the spirit.

  • I believe in my children's laughter.

  • I believe in moisturizer...and wish my 20-year old self did too.

  • I believe that you create your own happiness.

  • I believe that happiness is a choice you make every day when you set your feet on the ground.

  • I believe that "fake it til you make it" is a great motto that actually works.

  • I believe that having an answer to every question is nice, but it's just as nice to have unanswered questions...questions you can ponder and debate forever and ever.

  • I believe in taking risks.

  • I believe in change.

  • I believe that tantrums are a necessary evil of childhood and must run their course.

  • I believe that my kids are the best kids in the world, but that they're seen (and loved) for their faults as well as their strengths.

  • I believe in white sheets.

  • I believe in bubble baths.

  • I believe in yoga.

  • I believe that reading is awesome.

  • I believe that sleep is something that I totally took for granted pre-Crazies.

What are some of your core beliefs?